'Desperados' With Isla Fisher Moving Forward

Comedic actress Isla Fisher (best known as the crazy red-head from Wedding Crashers) will star in Universal's Desperados, a road trip comedy that essentially amounts to the female equivalent of The Hangover.

Fisher signed on last year for the project, which is based off Ellen Rapoport's Black Listed screenplay and looks to be directed by Betty Thomas - the filmmaker responsible for the Howard Stern pic Private Parts, as well as Dr. Dolittle and Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Take that as you will.

24 Frames describes Desperados as the rare raunchy comedy that revolves around female characters - namely, a trio of women who head out to Mexico after one of them accidentally leaves a derogatory message for a man who lives there who she's actually interested in. Like The Hangover and last year's Due Date, debauchery and lewd shenanigans ensue.

The original Hangover demonstrated just how lucrative R-Rated ensemble comedies can be, and the Universal heads clearly recognize that. Desperados will be the latest addition to the studio's upcoming slate of crude and comical titles, including another female-centric laughfest, Bridesmaids, and of course The Hangover 2 this summer.

Bridesmaids movie cast
The cast of 'Bridesmaids'.

While Thomas has a pretty spotty record as a filmmaker, the combination of Rapoport's well-regarded script and Fisher's involvement is enough to suggest that Desperados could be a very entertaining bit of comical mayhem. The question for now is whether or not moviegoers are willing to turn out in droves for what reads like an R-Rated but otherwise standard chick-flick on paper.

Bridesmaids is facing a similar challenge, as raunchy comedies with largely female casts tend to be rare for a reason - namely, they generally don't perform so well at the box office. Early word from last week's SXSW festival is that the Kristen Wiig-headed jokefest is quite hilarious and has the potential to be a sleeper hit when it arrives in theaters.

Could the success of Bridesmaids pave the way for more flicks in the vein of Desperados to be made? If nothing else, both these movies should demonstrate that the boys don't have a monopoly when it comes to wild party antics and bad behavior on the big screen.

Source: LA Times

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