SR Pick [Video]: Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage

isaiah mustafa as luke cage in the avengers tower

Isaiah Mustafa is an ex-football player turned actor turned viral sensation with his role as the “Old Spice Guy”. While Mustafa’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds, the acting roles being offered to him are still bit parts in TV shows like Chuck.

Mustafa would like his fans to help change that by supporting his bid to play the “Hero for Hire” Luke Cage. His plan appears to be working, because Marvel has put together this short video with Mustafa portraying Luke Cage that is 1 part Marvel vs. DC, 1 part stop motion animation and 3 parts “Old Spice Guy”. It all adds up to one awesome and manly video.

There are special guest appearances by M.O.D.O.K., Sugar Man, Beta Ray Bill and a hilarious cameo by Deadpool. The video consist mainly of Cage in the Avengers Tower mugging for the camera and using his catch phrase “Sweet Christmas!”

Check it out below:


The chances of Isaiah Mustafa actually landing the role of Luke Cage are pretty slim, but if Marvel gave Andrew Garfield the role of Peter Parker Mustafa for Luke Cage wouldn't be the biggest surprise ever. Besides having some acting talent and comedic timing, Mustafa is wildly popular right now. Marvel wouldn’t be taking a very big risk by giving him a chance to play a third-tier superhero on the big screen.

One thing working in Mustafa’s favor: Marvel is considering playing short films of lesser-known characters before tentpole films like Thor, The Avengers and Iron Man 3. Even though Tyrese Gibson has expressed an interest in playing Luke Cage for several years, Mustafa’s current popularity trend could have him poised as the dark horse casting choice.

The last bit of news surrounding the Heroes for Hire movie came months ago when Marvel said they were in talks with a “notable Hollywood star” for the role of Luke Cage. It’s doubtful that Mustafa was the notable star Marvel was referring to, but since the only news related to Luke Cage since May is this video, maybe Marvel changed their mind or talks with 'Mr. Notable' broke down?

It doesn’t really matter because “I’m on a horse…and I have this hammer.” *Smug look at camera*

isaiah mustafa as luke cage riding beta ray bill

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Source: Marvel YouTube Channel

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