Is Weta In (Justice) League With George Miller?

It's on, it's off and it's on again. What is the craic with George Miller's Justice League? For those of you that are wondering "craic" is an Irish term for news or gossip.

Superherohype has posted a story from The Dominion Post via that indicates Weta Workshop is already building the costumes for DC's superhero team-up film.

One of the film's producers, Barrie Osborne is quoted as saying:

"They are doing all the costumes and they're doing a brilliant job".

This quote implies that they have indeed started building, or at least designing the costumes - but the article also mentions that no budget has been announced and we know that no filming date has been set, so what is the score?

Well, the last we heard the film was on hold until the end of the writers' strike. So unless the film will be written-produced and directed by David Letterman, it will be quite a while in coming.

I have no doubt that someone, somewhere is beavering away on this project, but it doesn't seem to have any real force behind it. All of the stories that we hear about casting are never confirmed. Will the film be live-action or will it be CGI? Nobody seems to know.

Also, what amazing designs could Weta be working on? Does Superman's costume really need that much designing? If it does, pay me and I'll design it in five minutes.

Osborne also says:

"George Miller has a great take on the material, so it elevates it to something that's not a comic-book movie."

He'd better... what I've heard about this project so far sounds like hell on earth. Or, to make a Superman reference: Doomsday!

Source : Superherohype

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