Is this the end of movie theaters?

After years of fighting the digital dragon, the movie industry finally gave us... MovieLink and CinemaNow. The underwhelming response to such services is far more telling than any criticizing I could do here, but suffice it to say that people want something different... something more.

Morgan Freeman may have the answer. His company, Revelations Entertainment, has teamed up with Intel to form a joint venture called ClickStar. The idea is for consumers to have total, on-demand digital access to TV, movies, etc. What's really interesting is that the company is proposing access to first-run movies through the digital service. It doesn't take a leap of faith to see that movie theaters could be headed straight for the history books. Quite frankly, given the declining quality of the movie-going experience (read Vic's rant here), I'm not all that broken up about the idea.

I've always liked Morgan Freeman as an actor and as a person, and now he's proving that he's a smart businessman as well. He's one of the few people in Hollywood who is in favor of joining the digital age and taking advantage of its opportunities, rather than fighting to the bitter end like most of the other executives have.

Source: Information Week

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