Is there hope for "Enterprise"?

"Hope -- I always thought that was a human failing, Mr. Spock?" - Dr. McCoy

File this one under "Grasping at Straws"...

According to Thomas Gill over at, during "Grand Slam XIII: The Sci-Fi Summit" convention over this past weekend, Manny Coto tossed out an interesting little comment:

"We've heard these rumors about cancellation, but don't believe anything until September."

Now of course this could just be fodder for the internet rumour mill, or to fan the flames of fan support for the show, but I have a feeling that just maybe the suits over at Paramount are actually paying attention to what's been going on this season both on and off the show.

Among the items worth paying attention to are:

- The writing on the show this season has improved dramatically, with the characters getting more fleshed out in this one season than they have in the prior three seasons combined.

- Related to the above item, Enterprise is finally being written like a prequel to TOS (The Original Show). As I've commented here previously, things that were only touched on in the original series have been detailed this season, and we're seeing more "formation of the Federation" type stuff going on.

- Ratings have been much stronger this season, averaging 3.1 million viewers per week. Although that's way down from the first season, it's up considerably from last season. As a comparison, Stargate SG-1 averages 2 million viewers per week. (I don't understand how SG-1 can be profitable while Enterprise cannot... the production values on SG-1 seem as high, if not higher than on Enterprise.)

- There's been a lot of buzz going on about how the show has improved and the fan campaign to renew it has made it into major news outlets. The $3 million contributed by two anonymous donors to TrekUnited certainly helped in that regard.

So we'll just have to see. I'm pretty sure it's dead, but you never know. Remember, Spock managed to come back from the dead...

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