Is The Joker Related To The Crow?

Update: LOL, AICN has been "pwned" again. This is a fake, too. See the link in the comments below. The worst part is that the SAME guy sent in both recent images. :-)

Boy, AICN just keeps stepping in it lately. The released a photoshopped pic of Heath Ledger from a supposedly reliable source that was supposed to be The Joker from the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight.

Right on the heels of that they released another image that looks much more like it could be the real thing (shown above on the left). I think they need to lay low for a while in regards to trying to get unofficial scoops. Faulty info is hurting their reputation.

Anyway, the buzz right now is that if the image above is legit, it looks an awful like the makeup that Brandon Lee had when he portrayed The Crow. That's unfortunate, but I have to say that I think what's shown above really fits the character of The Joker and judged on it's own looks pretty darn good.

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