Is The A-Team Coming Together With Bruce Willis?

The news that Bruce Willis has been approached to star as Hannibal Smith in the feature version of The A-Team isn't really a surprise. He is one of the original names that has been attached to the part for almost a decade but... it's a pretty good choice!

John Singleton is attached to direct, and the 2 Fast 2 Furious helmer has already mentioned that he would like Woody Harrelson to play Murdock and Ice Cube to play the iconic B.A Barracus. I must point out though, that nobody has in fact been signed.

The main question is: Would Willis be willing to star in such an obviously commercial choice, and one that is based on a 1980's television show?

There's a pretty good chance that he might want to step into George Peppard's shoes.

Willis has shown a great interest in pop culture over the years, and he has appeared in comic book adaptations - Sin City and the forthcoming The Surrogates (a pretty cool graphic novel - you should pick it up) sequels - Die Hard I'm looking at you!

Heck he's even willing to star in ensemble films - Pulp Fiction and Ocean's Twelve, and let's not forget that he started his career on television during the 1980's with Moonlighting (one of the greatest shows...ever).

It will be interesting to see if Willis would be up for it, but he's more likely to do it than the other names on the Hannibal list: Mel Gibson, George Clooney and Harrison Ford.

If Singleton gets the cast he wants it should make for an interesting film - that is if they don't play it too straight, this should be an 80's style action flick - with humor!

I wonder who he would like for "Face?"

Names bandied about by the guys here at Screen Rant have been Jason Bateman, Pierce Brosnan and Paul Giamatti, so you can see we all have our own opinions. I know that a few years ago they were looking at Brendan Fraser who would appear to suit the line up that Singleton has proposed, but anything could happen.

No word on a release date, or a start date for that matter, but you can bet your backside I'll keep you up-to-date.

I'm just waiting to use the line - "I love it when a cast comes together!"

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