Is Smallville Getting Back In The Groove?

This season, it seems like Smallville is starting to get it's act together. First we had the introduction of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, then that pretty cool pre-Justice League episode "Justice", and now with last week's episode and this week's episode "Freaks", Lana finally getting a clue as to Clark's powers.

There are strong feelings about Smallville on both sides of the fence, and although I haven't felt that it's been it's best I've hung in there. Seems like this season it's starting to pay off.

Last week we had a "lightbulb moment" for Lana, as she kept the damaged tool that was dented when Lex tried to stab Clark. Ok, yes, let's ignore the fact that Lex isn't strong enough to ram a sharp metal tool into an unyeilding object hard enough to cause it to crumple. But Lana's eyes are finally opening, and in a good way, which is validating her core character despite her apparent (and temporary) slide into the dark side.

In this week's episode we see how loyal she still is to Clark, and that his worries about how she would react to him if she knew he had his powers were truly unfounded. And for once Clark used his powers in front of her and she DIDN'T get knocked out! Of course he moved so quickly that she didn't see him, but no longer do we have a clueless young lady. She knows something is up and that Clark is even more special than just being a "meteor freak."

Yup, things are coming around and either she will find out his secret this season or (God forbid!) they'll make that the pivotal cliffhanger issue. And although I think Lex truly loves her, he's more evil than ever and his feelings for her are truly twisted. She's doomed to miscarry, I'm sure and that will be the nail in the coffin of their relationship.

Good stuff, homer.

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