Is Marvel Ripping Off 'Robot Chicken?'

So... have you SEEN the teaser trailer for Marvel's internet series Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!

Ok, well, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, you need to go ahead and check it out here so that you can help Screen Rant answer the question: is Marvel blatantly copying off Robot Chicken???

So now that you've had a chance to see the trailer let's just go ahead and put it out there: this is totally Robot Chicken's M.O. Totally. Like, no doubt about it. I mean... the topical sketch spoofing the Christian Bale blowup; the use of action figures...  It's like somebody up at Marvel suddenly realized, "Hey, people are watching this Robot Chicken show... They use toys... We have toys... MARVEL BRAND toys! We could totally do a show like this--and use it to cross-promote other Marvel brands! Bada-bing, bada-boom: synergy, baby!"

I can totally see somebody up at Marvel corporate totally saying that.

However, this swagger-jack move by Marvel leaves us with some important questions:

  1. With Marvel launching their own action figure sketch show, will they prohibit Robot Chicken from displaying Marvel brand toys on their show?
  2. Will the guys from Robot Chicken have the cojones to call Marvel out for jacking their swagger?
  3. Will the guys from Robot Chicken have the cojones to spoof Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! on an upcoming episode of the show.
  4. Will Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!, an internet-based show that's basically a copy of a funnier TV show, actually do well?

With any luck, this post will successfully instigate the answers to at least a few of these questions.

Until then: Robot Chicken, I love you guys. Don't let Marvel steal your thing--not without a very public and spoof-laden fight. (And I won't even mention what Marvel said about your mom, RC. It's not fit for print.)

Seriously though, what do you guys think about Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!? Is there room for another action figure sketch show out there--or is Marvel taking the low road by blatantly ripping off Robot Chicken's formula? RC fans, I'm definitely looking at you.


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