Is John Williams Scoring Superman: Man Of Steel?

Later this week, legendary film-composer John Williams and the Boston Pops will play select music from Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the Boston Symphony Hall. You might have heard of that film...

While discussing the event, the Boston Globe made mention of Williams' upcoming slate of projects including Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince and Jurassic Park IV - didn't know there was any movement on that one!

Interestingly, according to their sources, he's also lined up to do the music for the Superman Returns sequel Superman: Man of Steel.

Normally, I wouldn't make mention of a random blurb such as that, however I received word a few weeks back that Williams was indeed meeting with Warner Brothers about possibly working on the music for Man of Steel.

Of course, the Superman sequel is still in early stages of development - director Bryan Singer and the studio are meeting with writers on the project. And there are those who don't think it'll get made to begin with.

But the fact that the Globe brought it up on their own is a bit too coincidental.

Having said that, this is not set in stone and we are looking further into the matter...

Source: The Boston Globe

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