Is Jessica Biel The 'Throwaway' Wonder Woman?

You know, sometimes the most difficult part of writing a post for this site is coming up with an image to attach to the article. I have to say this was a tough one. There were one or two other images I really wanted to use, but I do try to keep this site at about a PG-13 level. :-)

Anyway, word is out that the first superhero to be cast in the upcoming and rushed into production Justice League movie will be Jessica Biel as Wonder Woman.

Variety reports that:

"...the first piece of casting to emerge from the DC Comics-based ensemble project, which is expected to feature Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman in addition to Wonder Woman."

We've discussed the Justice League movie quite a bit here, and those posts are why I'm referring to Biel as the "throwaway" Wonder Woman. Between the rumor that they'll have the Jon Stewart Green Lantern in the film, that neither Christian Bale nor Brandon Routh will be donning their respective capes for the movie, and the fact that a major character (The Flash?) is supposed to die in the film - it really seems to me that no actor appearing in this movie as a superhero has a snowball's chance of getting spun off into a separate movie based on their character.

So, I think anyone coming into this movie will either be playing a one-shot deal, or will be playing the character only in subsequent JLA movies if the first one is a big hit (which at this point, I'm not too sure about that happening).

BTW, does anyone else squirm at the thought of Aquaman being in this movie? Give us Martian Manhunter or Hawkgirl, guys! Heck, I'll even take Green Arrow. But Aquaman?

Source: IGN

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