Is Hollywood really this bereft of ideas?

I realize that filming remakes of well known, beloved, or cult films gives Hollywood the warm fuzzy feeling of guaranteed profit... but can you believe a remake of Revenge of the Nerds? (Your humble writer shakes his head in bewilderment)

What in the world is the logic here? Aren't there enough teen comedies out there? Is it too difficult to come up with a plot for one of these things?! In it's way, the original Revenge of the Nerds is a classic with a very quirky personality, which would be best left alone.

If you're going to remake something, remake something that was obscure or not that great to begin with. Oceans 11 was a good example of this... after seeing the remake (which I really enjoyed) I went back and watched the original, which was weak at best.

I made the prediction to friends quite a while back, and I'll document it here: I'm eagerly awaiting the remake of Casablanca. They'll probably get a first time movie director who's previous experience is limited to music videos and TV commercial.

You just wait and see.


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