Is Hancock In Trouble?

It was just last week when Boss (i.e. Screen Rant big-cheese Vic Holtreman) reported on problems with the upcoming Will Smith superhero comedy Hancock over its MPAA rating and subject matter.

Now according to Cinema Blend (as per their sources), the film's world premiere in Sydney, Australia has been quietly canceled because it won't be finished in time.

And just why wouldn't it be ready by then, you ask? Supposedly because the film is about to go through heavy re-shoots in order to make its July 2nd theatrical release date.

Granted, late-minute re-shoots and whatnot aren't that uncommon - Smith's last film I Am Legend had its ending completely reworked just a month before it opened, and it's safe to say it worked out just fine for them (i.e. $500 million+ box-office).

What's fascinating is that this movie has long had a reputation for being an unfilmable script called Tonight, He Comes (i.e. very dark). It went through multiple directors and actors over the years, and in the end it took someone in the industry with Will Smith's clout (the only real movie-star around IMHO) to get it made.

But there's just no telling how much of Tonight, He Comes will make it into Hancock considering its PG-13 rating.

At the moment, if these rumors are true then there's enough of it to force Sony & Co. to makes changes...

Source: Cinema Blend

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