Exclusive Iron Sky: The Coming Race Clip Features Insane Chariot Race!

An exclusive Iron Sky: The Coming Race clip shows off an exciting chase scene involving chariots, dinosaurs, lava, and gigantic boulders.When it first debuted in 2012, Iron Sky earned acclaim for its provocative premise. The film channeled the sci-fi B-movie madness of the 1950s with a story about an alternate history involving a secret Nazi base on the moon mobilizing in an effort to take over a highly satirized version of 21st century America.

Iron Sky quickly became a cult hit, and plans for a sequel were swiftly put into motion. While it's been a long time coming, Iron Sky: The Coming Race is finally imminent. This second chapter was partially financed through crowdfunding campaigns, but Screen Rant's exclusive look at a clip from the film proves they're not shirking on the production values.

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The above exclusive clip from Iron Sky: The Coming Race showcases a high-octane chariot chase, apparently inspired by iconic chase scenes in timeless movies like Gladiator and Ben-Hur. However, Ben-Hur didn't feature a single dinosaur, and Gladiator was noticeably lacking when it came to 80-foot walls of molten lava. Where those films clearly failed, Iron Sky succeeds, with multiple dinosaurs, giant waves of liquid magma, and an exhilarating action sequence set deep beneath the surface of the Earth!

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Poster Cropped

Though Iron Sky: The Coming Race was produced on an estimated budget of roughly $15 million, the special effects on display are as impressive as they are endearingly cheesy. The green screen visuals are a step above the original film, and the action is harrowing and genuinely kinetic. The clip features multiple chariots battling one another while trying to escape an advancing wall of lava, and present Iron Sky as a jolly romp with exciting visuals and inventive action scenes.

In the world of Iron Sky, the Earth is proven to be hollow, an idea many conspiracy theorists have long maintained to be the case in real life (The Hollow Earth Theory is also a key plot point in the Kong vs Godzilla Monsterverse films). The Iron Sky films take great pride in their approach to their subject matter, offering a tongue-in-cheek take on actual conspiracy theories; basically, they poke fun at these unlikely scenarios while simultaneously exploiting all the sci-fi potential inherent in them.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race stars Lara Rossi, Vladimir Burlakov, and Stephanie Paul. The film also features Tom Green and Udo Kier. Vertical Entertainment will release IRON SKY: THE COMING RACE in theaters and on Digital/Demand July 19, 2019..

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