Iron Sky Sequel Trailer & Poster Aim to 'Make Earth Great Again'

Vertical Entertainment US releases the Iron Sky: The Coming Race trailer and poster, teasing the sci-fi sequel to the 2012 movie Iron Sky.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Poster Cropped

Vertical Entertainment US releases a trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race. Directed by Finnish filmmaker Timo Vuorensola, the science fiction action comedy is a sequel to the 2012 movie Iron Sky.

In the first franchise film, Iron Sky, the storyline follows a group of Nazis who relocate to the moon after being defeated in 1945. They build a space fleet, return to Earth, and set in motion a nuclear apocalypse. Produced for $10 million, Iron Sky earned just over $8 million in American theaters, though the fantastical premise made it an immediate cult classic. In addition, Iron Sky inspired a comic series, a board game, and even a video game. In Iron Sky: The Coming Race, the narrative takes place 29 years after the Moon Nazi attack. The narrative was reportedly inspired by the Vril conspiracy theory, which suggests that Nazis used occult writings to build UFOs. Iron Sky: The Coming Race stars British actress Lara Rossi as Obianaju "Obi" Washington and Udo Kier as Wolfgang Kortzfleisch / Vril Adolf Hitler.

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Vertical Entertainment US unveiled a trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, one that begins with a pounding score and an intergalactic chase. Voiceover narration then details the backstory, most notably that humans who survived the Moon Nazi apocalypse found a home on the dark side the moon, a former Moon Nazi base. After a brief moment of comedy, the humans are greeted by a Tyrannosaurus-riding Vril Adolf Hitler, and so they quickly form a plan to relocate to the center of the Earth. The trailer then incorporates full screen graphics that read “Saving Humanity Is Gonna Be A Trip,” which makes sense given that the film features supernatural versions of famous world leaders, and a cult that lives according to the teachings of Steve Jobs. Check out the trailer and poster for Iron Sky: The Coming Race below.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Poster

Prior to directing the Iron Sky franchise, the aforementioned Vuorensola helmed three movies in the Star Wreck franchise. The Finnish parody series was created by Samuli Torssonen in 1992, and was produced in the spirit of both Star Wars and Babylon 5. Later this year, Vuorensola will release The Ark - An Iron Sky Story, a film that will most likely be more comedic and purely Kubrickian.

Based on the trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, fans can expect an original story about secret societies and religious artifacts. The acting may not receive headlines during awards season, but the sequel will undoubtedly be popular amongst audiences who appreciate parodies of major film franchises. And considering that Iron Sky: The Coming Race was funded entirely by people via Indiegogo, there’s definitely an existing fanbase in place.

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Source: Vertical Entertainment US 

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