Iron Man's Sleek Infinity War Armor Revealed in Disneyland Commercial

Iron Man's Infinity War armor has been revealed in a recruitment video for Disneyland Paris. Tony Stark has never been able to stop tinkering, leading him to don a new suit of armor in every Marvel movie (also, merchandising). Avengers: Infinity War is no different, and fans are hoping the film will give him the coolest suit yet. Set photos from back in June teased that he'd be donning a whole new look, and since then evidence has been building that this is actually the Prime Armor from the comics. Concept art released back in October certainly seemed to imply as much, and now this video has apparently confirmed it. The design is a perfect match.

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The Prime Armor was created by Brian Bendis and Davis Marquez back in 2015. It was envisioned as Stark's most sophisticated armor to date. The armor was composed of revolutionary nanotech, allowing Stark to change it at will. To give an idea of the suit's capabilities, Iron Man could effortlessly morph between any previous designs of his armor. That even included the Hulkbuster. He could generate a wide range of weapons, from plasma cannons to blades - one arc saw him engage in a swordfight! Where many Iron Man armors use palm-repulsors to stabilize during flight, the Prime Armor used wings. That freed Tony up to cut loose with hand-weapons.

Looks like Iron Man is going full Gundam Wing for #InfinityWar

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Not only does this armor resemble Bendis and Marquez's design, concept art has already teased that it will have similar capabilities. In the above image, you can see Stark's armor morphing energy weapons and blades. Those wings have since been seen on official merchandise, and will clearly be a key part of the design in Infinity War. It's certainly exciting to see such a recent design adapted for the big screen.

Back in 2015, Marquez explained that he was inspired by modern smartphones. These perform a range of tasks that previously would have taken rooms full of mainframes and single-purpose devices. Bendis and Marquez decided to create "a kind of all-in-one Swiss army knife," that still looked sleek and sexy. The overall look and feel was influenced by contemporary cars and aircraft, such as the Lamborghini Aventador, the F-22, and the YF-23.

Tony Stark has gradually been upgrading his armor ever since the Battle of New York. Convinced that the world will once again face terrible threats, he's tried his best to prepare for them. Unfortunately, as phenomenal as Iron Man's Infinity War may be, it's still unlikely to be enough to deal with Thanos and his agents.

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