Iron Man Is Worried in New Avengers: Infinity War Image

Tony Stark is in distress in a brand new Avengers: Infinity War photo. Dubbed the culmination of everything that has transpired in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, the movie will bring all pockets of the franchise into one massive spectacle that will pit Earth's Mightiest Heroes against big bad Thanos and his children, the Black Order.

Coming from the fall-out of Captain America: Civil War, Tony and Steve Rogers are still not speaking with each other. While the former was busy mentoring Peter Parker and even getting engaged to Pepper Potts, the super soldier, on the other hand, has gone underground. The last we've seen of him was in Wakanda where Bucky decided to get frozen again until he is fully free of Hydra's mind control, after that, however, we really don't know where he went or what he currently does. They will eventually have to set their differences aside as a new and bigger threat is looming in the shadows, just waiting for the right time to strike. Unfortunately, despite our assumptions that the two heroes will do just that for the greater good, the tension between the two of them might still be present the next time they see each other.

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A new promo still courtesy of USA Today features Tony with a troubled look on his face while looking at something on the horizon. Behind him is a back-in-human form Bruce Banner, as well as Doctor Stephen Strange and Wong. We know that the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist has been actively preparing for the arrival of a bigger threat, but with the Avengers still fractured, it makes sense that he comes together with other individuals who are capable of helping him on his cause. What's intriguing here is that while Bruce can be seen with his co-New York-based allies, he later joins Captain America and Black Panther in Wakanda. Check out the photo below:

While we haven't seen the reverse shot of this just scene just yet, other sequences from the Infinity War trailer could help us guess what's Tony got so worried and the two Sorcerers all geared up for battle. Earlier in the footage, the four (alongside Bruce Banner) was seen in New York's Sanctum Sanctorum until chaos could be heard from the outside and Tony peeks outside the door to see what the commotion was about. Now, granted that they stayed in the Big Apple, considering that Wong and Strange can teleport all of them in a snap, it's perhaps the giant portal that grabbed  Peter and his Midtown schoolmates attentions while they're on their bus. Given the size of that mysterious gateway, if both Peter and Tony's group are in the same city, it's feasible that they are looking at the same thing.

The question remains, however, with regard to what that massive wheel-looking opening is supposed to do. Word has it that it is used by the Black Order as their entry point to Earth as we have seen them each taking a different group of Avengers in search of the Infinity Gems for Thanos. It will be interesting if the mad Titan himself will emerge from the portal to Earth. From what we have seen from the same trailer, it seems like he is on a different planet with an orange/yellow backdrop.

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Source: USA Today

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