20 Iron Man Vs Captain America Memes That Show Civil War Still Isn't Over

Fans have followed Iron Man and Captain America through thick and thin, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken 10 years and 18 films to put them through the ringer. They've fought aliens, robots, and even a secret society, but no fight was as personal as their fight with each other. Captain America: Civil War saw the two finally come to a head with a clash of ideologies: do the Avengers let the world governments control their operations or do they fight to keep their autonomy as superheroes?

It ended in a schism, with Tony Stark leading what's left of the Avengers while Cap and his supporters were branded international criminals. Don't worry, though. Cap made it clear that he'll be there if the world needs him.

Since Avengers: Infinity War is upon us, we thought it would be fun to look back on Cap and Tony's relationship. How will we do that? No, not by watching the movies, but with some good ol' internet memes instead.

For this list, we've collected a ton of Captain America and Iron Man memes that put them at each others' throats... or, at the very least, have them viciously roasting each other. Civil War might be over, but it rages on in spirit — especially between these two frenemies.

Time to choose your side again, because here are 20 Iron Man Vs Captain America Memes That Show Civil War Isn't Over.

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20 You Can't Sit With Us

Iron Man didn't invite Captain America to lunch, but he invited Wong and Doctor Strange, of all people? Now that's just cold.

This meme actually uses a photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War — and as nice as it is to see Doctor Strange and Wong meet Iron Man and Hulk, it's hard to not feel the same sting as Chris Evans.

Why wasn't Cap invited to lunch - or any of the other Avengers for that matter?

Well, it's a pretty understandable answer: he wasn't invited because he and half of the Avengers are fugitives. Also, he wasn't invited because this is a completely fictional scenario, and Chris Evans was just looking to get laughs on Twitter. But still: not cool, Tony! At least text him or something.

19 The Last Pizza Roll

It's unfortunate that this is just a meme, because Tony Stark can definitely be this petty sometimes. Cap has probably never even had a pizza roll in his life!

Of course, Tony's not actually eating pizza rolls during the laboratory scenes in The Avengers. They were actually a pack of blueberries that Robert Downey Jr. had taken onto the set. In one scene, he offers them to Bruce Banner as if it was written in the script, but it was just some good old improvisation.

Downey Jr. was hungry and too impatient to wait for a break, so he simply decided to take some snacks with him and eat during filming.

He was nice enough to offer some to Cap in the same scene, but they weren't actually on good terms yet — a preview of the Civil War to come.

18 Smug Sebastian Stan

The fans' favorite unspoken love triangle: Cap, Tony, and Bucky. Ever seen two friends fight over a third one? Because when you boil it down, that's what Captain America: Civil War looks like — and Bucky is the center of attention.

Technically, Cap and Iron Man spend the whole movie fighting over Bucky, albeit for very different reasons.

Cap wants to clear his name, while Tony wants to arrest him for a crime he didn't commit. Even still, it does look like two friends bickering over who gets Bucky. The big difference is that Tony and Bucky are hardly friends because Bucky destroyed Tony's parents. On second thought, the "three friends" analogy isn't the best fit.

In the end, Cap and Tony are close, but Cap and Bucky are with each other until then end of the line. Nothing is going to come between them — not even Tony.

17 Says The Guy With Three

This statement is so blasphemous that it's almost as bad as that time Tony built Ultron. Fans have been asking for a Black Widow film for years. She's had her backstory explored in Avengers: Age of Ultron and made appearances in other characters' solo films several times, but no endeavors to call her own.

Fortunately though, this meme might be a bit outdated because a Black Widow solo film is reportedly in development over at Marvel Studios. The Wrap reports that screenwriter Jac Schaeffer (Blacklist) has been tapped to write the script.

Whether or not this project is a priority for Marvel is yet to be seen, but the rumors of its production is certainly good news. The genre is in desperate need of more female heroes as it is, and way less underwhelming Iron Man sequels.

16 Game Night At Avengers Tower

Yeah, sure Cap. Let's all play monopoly. That won't end any friendships at all. He might have been frozen for a while, but it's not like Monopoly has changed much since the 1940s. It's still a vicious game where you ruin the lives of your friends and family by taking everything they own and leaving them penniless.

It's hard for normal people to get through a round of Monopoly without hurt feelings or table-flips.

Playing that game with a bunch of superheroes? That sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen! Does anybody really want to play a game of Monopoly with Bruce Banner of all people?

The worst part is that Tony, with his experience in running an international corporate juggernaut, would probably win. Knowing him, he'd never stop bragging about it either.

15 Geez, Calm Down Tony

If you've seen the movie or read the comic, then you know that Iron Man tends to overstep his boundaries during Civil War.

It's one thing to stick to your guns, but Tony tears his own family apart because he refuses to understand where the other side is coming from.

In the comics he's even worse — hunting down his fellow heroes like criminals, and is even responsible for some of their end.

With that said, it's totally plausible for Tony to hurl harsh insults at Cap, just because Cap told him not to. At his core, Tony Stark is a petty brat. If you tell him to watch his language, he'll curse you out — just because he wants to. Just because he can. Grow up, Tony!

14 Business Advice

Here's an extra flirtatious meme for fans who want Iron Man and Captain America to fall in love. Tony is capable of being nice every now and then, but even when he's being downright suggestive, Cap still won't play nice.

Taken from a scene outside Hawkeye's ranch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the dialogue (originally an argument between the two characters) is replaced with a pickup line and immediate rejection. Cap's lines might sound better coming from someone like Drax the Destroyer, but we can't blame him. The guy has been frozen in the Arctic for decades — he hasn't exactly had the chance to sharpen his social skills, romantic or otherwise.

Besides, Cap's heart belongs to another. Everybody knows that he and Bucky are soulmates.

13 BvS Logic

You said her name isn't Martha? No? Got it. Time for war.

The most infamous moment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gets the Marvel treatment here, and it just goes to show how awful the Martha scene truly is. When Superman groans "Saaaave... Maarrtha!" to Batman moments before his death, the caped crusader suddenly decides to spare his life. Upon hearing his mother's name, Batman suddenly perceives Superman as a being with a sense of humanity and blah, blah, blah — and then they become besties.

The cringe-inducing sequence is parodied here, just to show how silly the logic is.

Coincidentally, Captain America: Civil War does feature some climactic, contrived parental drama. Thankfully it's nowhere as bad as the Martha moment. Hopefully Tony has gotten over it in time for Infinity War.

12 Blocked and Reported

This meme is great and all, but it is very hard to believe that Captain America uses social media. Maybe he's adjusted to the modern world's technology by now, but he's definitely more of an off-the-grid kind of guy.

Maybe Tony would have forced him to try Facebook — perhaps even Nat might have helped him with online dating — but Cap is too much of an old soul to be into that kind of stuff. Tony, on the other hand — actually he probably isn't into social media either. Wouldn't he have a Stark Industries intern handle that?

Tony is definitely the pettier of the two.

He'd quickly block Cap online, just as easily as Cap would never notice... or even understand what that means.

11 Flame On

This meme would probably be a whole lot funnier if 2015's Fant4stic didn't exist. In any case, it's a nod to Chris Evan's tenure as Johnny Storm in director Tim Story's Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Neither of those movies are particularly great, but he wasn't that bad of a Human Torch, was he? Those movies had plenty of problems, but the performances were fine. Were they fine? Things got so much worse with Fant4stic that it's become tough to recall.

Standards for comic book movies have gotten significantly higher since then. Lucky for Evans, his time as Captain America has made him one of the most popular superheroes ever. It helps that the abysmal 2015 reboot is still fresh in fans' minds, too. Besides, it's a hypocritical joke for Tony to make since he looks suspiciously like the inferior Sherlock Holmes.

10 Like Children

Of course! Why didn't the Avengers think of this? Maybe these bickering brothers-in-arms just need to spend some time in a get-along shirt.

Sadly, it is a little more complicated than that. One would think, like Batman v Superman, that Cap and Tony could have settled their conflict with a short, thoughtful conversation. Unfortunately, their disagreements are rooted way deeper.

Steve Rogers' beliefs are in total contrast to Tony's. They are the unstoppable force and immovable object of the MCU. Hopefully Avengers: Infinity War will give them some much-needed time to work out their differences after their last shouting (and punching) match.

They might not be BFFs again after a single heart-to-heart, but some quality time together might help.

9 Fundamental Differences

Seriously? Somebody needs to break these children up. They'll fight over anything.

Despite being such strong allies, Steve and Tony have so many differences.

Their personalities are so disparate that they're practically opposites: Cap is reserved, quiet, and altruistic. Tony is arrogant, showy, and narcissistic. Cap is an optimist. Tony is a pessimist. The list goes on and on.

As of Captain America: Civil War, they hold opposing ideologies, and can't even agree on how best to do their jobs. If they can't do that without breaking up their friends into teams and blowing up an airport parking lot, it's unlikely that they'll agree on basic word pronunciation anytime soon.

Speaking of which, is it pronounced it "Than-ohss" or "Tha-noss"? They probably can't agree on that either, so place your bets, people.

8 Stark Will Steal Your Man

In an alternate world where Cap and Bucky aren't totally inseparable, their friendship might look something like this.

Everybody knows that Tony is a total playboy, but Cap likely won't stand for Stark making a play like this one.

This does present an interesting question, though. If Cap loses his life in Infinity War, how will Bucky get along without him? Will Bucky become Captain America and take Steve's place on the team? Or will Tony and the gang shun him for his crimes?

The image above may only be a joke, but it is hard to imagine The Winter Soldier on good terms with Tony or the rest of the team. Could Tony ever forgive him for what he did to his parents? Unless Bucky doesn't survive Infinity War either. Cross your fingers, everybody!

7 Downey Deep Cut

Now that's a low-blow, especially for Cap. His harsh comeback is a jab at Robert Downey Jr.'s 2014 drama film, The Judge, which is fine. It's pretty forgettable, so despite fantastic performances by Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, it's kind of a snorefest. Well, a half-decent snorefest.

The film received mixed reviews upon release with much of the praise aimed at the acting and not much else. What's even funnier is that this meme suggests that Cap, who is still catching up on pop culture, has written The Judge down in his little catch-up notebook from The Winter Soldier. 

Because of course, among cultural touchstones like I Love LucyRocky, and Star Wars, sits the legal melodrama film The Judge. Whoever recommended that to Cap probably isn't a very good friend.

6 Hard To Argue With That

Wow, that was dark. Unfortunately for the dancers, it would be much more upsetting if it wasn't such a good comeback on Tony's part.

Cap rarely starts fights, but in this case, he picked the wrong one.

To be fair, Cap was never one for showmanship. Tony, on the other hand, can't get enough of it. It's kind of his thing. Rather, it was before he became more serious Avenger we know today. Both characters have come far since the MCU first introduced them, but Tony has gone on quite the journey of self-discovery.

Iron Man started out as the showman we see above, but after accepting his responsibility and grappling with post-traumatic stress, he has come to fight the greater good. Sure, he's still a misguided narcissist at times, but it's hard to ignore how much his character has evolved since his first film in 2008.

5 United We Stand

It's no secret that the Star Wars franchise has had its ups and downs. While the new stuff is generally well-liked and the original films are held up as classics, the prequels are not — and that's putting it lightly.

Instead of having Cap and Tony argue over which era is better, the meme changes up the punchline to include Bruce Banner and a highly debatable point of view.

Sure, this is a Cap vs Iron Man list, but sometimes differences need to be set aside for the greater good.

Don't worry Star Wars superfans, there are a few great ideas in those prequels. They're not all bad. Declaring them "better", though?

Prequel-defenders, take note: Cap and Tony do not agree with you. It's a good thing you have Hulk on your side!

4 More Like Coworkers

This meme actually calls out a major point of debate among Marvel movie fans. As the leading members of the Avengers, most fans are quick to call Cap and Tony best friends. Though they have a stronger bond in the comics, MCU doesn't always treat them that way, and even other memes in this article sometimes paint them as closer friends than they actually are.

The two have only appeared in four movies together: The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. While the jury is still out on the last one, Cap and Tony have rarely seemed friendly on screen.

They spend their first film together bickering like kids, and their second film with a vague sense of camaraderie that is barely explored.

Civil War is self-explanatory.

Are they friends? Sure. Are they best friends? Well, maybe audiences have only seen them at their worst.

3 Survey Says

The war to end all wars — a round of Family Feud. This meme uses shots from Jimmy Kimmel Live, back when the MCU actors were doing promotional appearances for Avengers: Age Of Ultron in 2015. 

Kimmel had the gang split up into teams for a game show segment, and coincidentally Captain America and Iron Man were on opposing sides

Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner played against Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson, and Chris Hemsworth as "The Americas" family and "The Mans" family respectively. The game consisted of questions like "What is the worst place to turn into the Hulk?" and "What else do people do in a movie theater besides watch movies?", and it ended with a blowout. The Mans won with 125 points! The Americas walked away with... none.

Cap, Steve Harvey would be ashamed of you.

2 Why Did You Say That Name

Another take on the Martha moment — and yet it's just as silly as the other entry on this list.

Despite being ideological opposites, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark both have best friends with the same first name: James Buchanan Barnes, and James Rhodes.

If that wasn't coincidence enough, both of their nicknames, Bucky and Rhodey, end with a "-y." That should be reason enough to stop fighting, right guys? The DCEU certainly thinks so!

Settle down, DC fans, we're only joking. As a matter of fact, Cap and Tony might want to sit down and address this coincidence. They could use some more common ground. One mutual laugh over might do them some good.

For any curious (or forgetful) readers out there, their mothers' names are Sarah Rogers and Maria Stark. The more you know!

1 True Neutral

Well, that settles it. Stan Lee has called the stalemate! Did anybody really expect him to pick a side, anyway?

This is actually from short promo video for Captain America: Civil War, where Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. argue about which of their characters would win the fight. The unfortunate truth is that neither of them really did.

Cap got to save his best friend Bucky, but he threw away his life to do it. Tony may have won the battle itself, but that split the Avengers and robbed him of his only true family.

The real winner here is Stan Lee, who even without the Marvel films and cameos, will go down in history as the most famous comic creator in history.

With that said, who likes a tie? That's just another way of saying that the war isn't over!


What are some of your favorite Captain America and Iron Man memes? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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