Iron Man VR Announced For PS4

Iron Man Flying

Later this year Iron Man will come soaring back to TV screens, but this time fans will get to fly with Tony Stark in virtual reality. A new PS4 game featuring the Marvel hero has been announced, allowing players to get an idea of what it's like to wage aerial battle as the titular character.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly Hollywood's most successful shared universe, and with that comes tertiary content featuring some of the most ardent personalities from the hit franchise. Iron Man VR is a collaborative effort headed up by the previously mentioned Camoflaj studios, with the added assistance of Marvel Games and Playstation Worldwide Studios. Robert Downey Jr., the beloved actor who portrays Tony Stark in the MCU, unfortunately will not be reprising his role in the VR game.

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Game director Ryan Payton recently did an interview with PlayStation Blog, confirming that the game will be "more than just an origin story." Payton stated that this game has been in development for two years, and will focus on the "ghosts from lTony's] past." A new suit has also been revealed for the game called the Impulse Armor. Adi Granov, an illustrator for Marvel and a costume designer, was the key contributor in the designing of this new costume. Check out the official announcement trailer for Iron Man VR below, posted to PlayStation's YouTube channel.

The above trailer showcases Tony Stark's perspective as he quickly dons his Iron Man suit after his plane gets blasted out of the sky. Also shown in the trailer are robots being shot down by the hero, however it's important to note that this wasn't actually gameplay footage in the trailer. The way the game is supposed to feel was described as making being a superhero feel natural. The movements of the character being integrated with the VR features, is all about emulating the flying and shooting of Iron Man. Conceptually Payton wants people to take off the headset and believe that they've experienced what it would be like to be the soaring Avenger.

Virtual reality games has been hit or miss, with fellow comic book VR game Batman Arkham VR, and Creed: Rise to Glory being among the titles recently released with these features. The real hope of this Iron Man game for many would be for it to reach the critical acclaim of the 2018 Spider Man game. Although that release wasn't VR, it's easily one of the most acclaimed Marvel video games of all-time. Iron Man is a great choice for Marvel's foray into VR later this year, due to the fact that he's a character that lends to a more open, free-flowing environment. For now, a release date has yet to be announced.

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Sources: PlayStation/YouTube, PlayStation Blog

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