Iron Man Videogame Armor Based On ILM Movie Designs

I figured I'd post this since although this news has been big in the videogame world, you may not have heard about it if you're not into that but are into movies.

Sega is coming out with a video game based on the Iron Man movie and it's looking pretty cool. You can see eight high res images from the Iron Man game over at Advanced Iron. Besides being based on the movie and having actors from the movie doing the voice work, one cool thing about it is that Sega used the actual CGI computer model data from Industrial Light and Magic (the company doing the visual effects for the film) to create the armor for the game.

The game draws heavily from the film, so it seems that a lot of the armor action will take place in a desert battlefield environment, probably in the Middle East when Tony Stark goes back to clean up whatever happens earlier in the film.

Although we already know that another armored character, Iron Monger, will appear in the film, it seems that at least some of it will involve Iron Man vs real world antagonists like attack helicopters, missles and tanks.

When I had the opportunity to participate in an interview with director Jon Favreau at the Comic-Con this summer, I walked into the room and saw a couple of Sega guys sitting there demonstrating the game to Robert Downey Jr. After I got over meeting Robert and Jon, I took a look at the game and it looked pretty sweet.

I don't own a videogame platform, so I'm not up on the latest, but I believe that the initial platform for the game will be the Xbox. This might be enough to get me to invest in one, although I hear that games based on movies are usually not that great.

Eh, who cares, this would give me the chance to be Iron Man!. :-)

(Thanks to JoBlo for giving me the idea to write about this on a movie site.)

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