Iron Man Update: Stan Lee Cameo + ILM Involvement

Stan Lee mentioned his cameo in the movie:

"I'm with three blondes and Tony Stark mistakes me for Hugh Hefner. I won't tell you the rest, but it's very funny."

That's a fun bit of news, but I like hearing that ILM is involved with the FX work in the movie...

They will be the primary visual effects company working on the film and Skywalker Sound will be doing the audio effects and there are a couple of great quotes in the annoucement regarding Iron Man:

"When Iron Man was announced here at ILM the artists started knocking down my door asking to be assigned to the project."

"This is also a great script, with new and challenging work, which is just the way we like it here"

Special effects guys eager to work on the movie even before they got the contract: Cool.

New and challenging effects: Double cool. :-)


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