How Iron Man & Thor Can Play Together In The Avengers

Over the last several months, we've heard many industry folk chime in the Marvel Studio's plan of bringing together their superstar superheroes into one shared project, the most ambitious project in comic book movie history: The Avengers.

From Matthew Vaughn (the original director attached to Thor) admitting his desire to helm The Avengers, Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier's idea of a four-part series of Avengers films to writer Zak Penn's fear that the epic team-up project is so complicated that it may "suck." There's been plenty of talk from the folks behind the cameras about Marvel's on-screen future, but what about the characters?

One question for the filmmakers has been to figure out how Jon Favreau's tech-based Iron Man can work together with the mystical Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor? It's easy in the comic books, but how will they adapt it into live-action and have it make sense? Marvel comic writer Brian Michael Bendis knows it can work - check out his thoughts on The Avengers after the jump.

Brian Bendis is one of the biggest names in the comics industry and is one of the folks responsible for the creation of the Ultimate Marvel Universe. MTV had a chance to speak to the artist and writer and get his thoughts on The Avengers film.

"My advice is, has been, and will be, that much like the comics, you look at movies like the 'Oceans' movies that have all these different flavors, you put the flavors together and you cook 'em... It absolutely can be done.

Look at 'The Great Escape' or other movies that have all these big elements to them, and even elements that don't seem that they would fit can rub up against each other in a very excellent way... They really can create something you wouldn't even imagine you had before."

Bendis explained that by bringing in different types of characters to form unexpected teams or partnerships, you can often get something special and amazing out of it. It's one of his favorite parts of writing team-up books like New Avengers and he gave an example of the relationship formed between Spider-Man and Luke Cage in the books.

"Having read the 'Captain America' movie script and the 'Thor' movie scripts and 'Iron Man 2' and everything, and seeing them all develop, nothing is more exciting to me than the 'Avengers' movie... It's absolutely going to be something better than— different than—anything we've seen before.

I think the challenge is absolutely there... It's an immense amount of work, but the payoff will be gigantic."

I hope it all plays out right and everyone wins in the end. They're really banking on Captain America and Thor's solo outings not only winning over the fans, but bringing in a hefty profit. They can't really have a weak link bringing down the team (in more ways than one) but I'm confident that because it's in the hands of Marvel themselves as opposed to another studio, that we'll all have our wishes come true.

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