Iron Man Still On with Nick Cassavetes?

Yesterday I mentioned that there was a difference of opinion between New Line Cinema and Avi Arad as to who would get to direct the Iron Man movie. Turns out that Cassavetes was never officially signed to direct (which makes sense if the studio was against him), but that there is still a possibility that he will do the film.

According to Variety (and being repeated all over the 'net), Avi Arad stated:

"We want Nick to make the movie. We had him," Marvel Studios' Avi Arad said. "He's an 'Iron Man' aficionado. Everything was fine and then negotiations got delayed. We lost a year."

Supposedly this came from the conference call yesterday, but I don't recall hearing that specific quote. It's also been reported that Cassavetes is working on a rewrite of the Gough/Millar/Hayter screenplay. Not being familiar with the man's work, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Hearing that he's a fan of ol' Shellhead makes me feel better, but who knows?

Also being reported is that New Line is still committed to making the film, so maybe Iron Man isn't as dead as I thought.

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