Iron Man Set Report!

An anonymous source had a chance to visit the Iron Man set and was very impressed with what he saw. Apparently shooting has begun and they're starting with the scenes where Tony Stark gets injured and has to create a weapon for the enemy, but instead works on creating a crude armor for himself.

Without further delay, here's the report:

I entered a set of double doors and entered a world of darkness. After my eyes adjusted I could see what was inside this MASSIVE hanger, there were LOTS of people running around with headsets, clip boards and coffees for people too important to get it themselves. For several hundred yards in each direction there were small buildings set up with doors and signs above them labeling 'wet paint' or 'Keep out'.

Here is what I saw... 6 director chairs set up, each bearing the IRON MAN logo with the helmet between IRON and MAN. very cool. There were a few Marvel execs, some stuntmen, script supervisors etc sitting around watching Robert Downey Jr/tony stark sitting down on a cot with a torn shirt on. He had a goatee and a good layer of surrounding stubble on his face. (He was obviously a prisoner and redently had the shrapnel removed from his chest or was still wounded) He was somber and looked very tired. He was in a cave with another man who was wearing a torn lab coat. A few men in ski masks stormed in and started screaming at Robert/Tony in what I could only guess was Arabic. ( No... no 'Durka durka durka jihad' was muttered sorry.) The other scientist was translating for Robert/Tony saying they wanted to know when they would begin manufacturing the weapon/s.

I then heard 'CUT' and the place started buzzing again. This is when I went into what looked like an entrance to a cavern. If any of you have been to Disney or any other amusement park, I am sure you are familiar with what set designers are capable of making. I FELT like I was in a cave and heading into a mine shaft. It was REMARKABLY real, even to the touch. Lights hung low from the ceiling with wires bolted to the walls. Ammo crates were scattered around loosely with munition rounds lying about. Looking past a large black curtain I saw a crew of about 30-40 people standing in the area where the video observation equipment was. Sitting in the middle was John Faverau with a huge smile on his face. And just past the first camera lit up for all to see was Robert Downey Jr. It was pretty damn cool.

Did I see the armor? No. But I know people who have and said it is VERY SIMILAR to the current comic suit and the Sideshow armor you all have seen. There will be two or three variations of the suit. Stan Winston studios is making MAYBE two of them. But they will have VERY limited range of motion and will be used for some random scenes here and there and for reference use only since the suits will be COMPLETELY CGI for the entire film!!! The armor needs to be very fluid and mobile, and for anyone who has ever seen a stormtrooper in motion knows that it just isnt possible.

So it seems that perhaps the armor design that I had on the site a while back may have been pretty accurate after all. This all sounds very cool and I am truly STOKED for this movie.

The Iron Man statue that he's referring to has been sold out for quite a while (I happen to have one) and it is VERY cool looking:

You may be able to find one on Ebay by searching on Iron Man Comiquette

Go Favreau!

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