Iron Man: New Website, New Actress And Shooting Is Finished!


That's the logo for what is presumably one of Tony Stark's companies in the upcoming Iron Man movie. You can click on the image to visit the site, which at the time of this writing contains nothing more than the image above. (BTW, Paramount, since I know you're reading this, you need to fix an error in the Meta Description tag on the page: There's a question mark where there should be a quote.) :-)

The website is in fact owned by Paramount and although it's only come to light today, the domain has been registered for over a year and the home page has been indexed by Google since at least April 14th.

Principal photography on the movie is complete, allowing 10 months for post-production (sweet!) and it seems that Jon and crew have come in on schedule and on budget. Nicely done.

Also, yet another award winning thespian has joined the cast, if for nothing more than a cameo: Hillary Swank. Favreau dropped a hint on his Myspace Iron Man group page plus there have been eyewitness reports of Swank being on the set at Ceasers Palace in Vegas.

So I guess the next thing to come will be a teaser trailer, no doubt to be unveiled at the upcoming San Diego Comic-con.

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