Iron Man Gets New Love Interest in Marvel Comic Reboot?

Marvel has revealed that a classic Iron Man love interest is returning for Dan Slott's "Fresh Start" relaunch - what could that mean for Pepper Potts? Marvel is preparing for their latest relaunch, a so-called "Fresh Start" that they hope will help recover from a year of poor comic sales. As part of the relaunch, writer Dan Slott is ending his decade-long run on Amazing Spider-Man and moving over to the new series of Tony Stark: Iron Man.

Slott has kept fairly quiet about the upcoming series - ending his Spider-Man comic run in style - but little by little, Marvel is beginning to drop details. The most surprising revelation is that Slott won't just be bringing back the 'Bride of Ultron,' but a classic love interest for Tony named Bethany Cabe.

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CBR has exclusively confirmed that Cabe will be returning after a six-year absence in the comics. Bethany Cabe was created by Bob Layton, David Michelinie and John Romita Sr. back in 1968. She was introduced as an on-again, off-again love interest for Stark, and became a frequent recurring character. In a plot that now echoes that of Black Widow in Iron Man 2, Stark hired Cabe as part of his security team, although he initially kept his superhero identity a secret from her.

That actually led to some amusing plot twists, with Bethany deeply resenting Iron Man. She couldn't understand why he never seemed to be around when Tony Stark most needed him, only arriving when Stark was safely out of the line of fire. Years later, Cabe would actually wind up donning Iron Man armor herself.

Cabe's return is certainly unexpected. In the wake of poor sales, Marvel Comics have pivoted to books, plots, and even events that seem to mirror the latest movie releases for a boost among readers. In the MCU, as movie fans now know, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark is heavily involved with Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts. The two even got engaged in Spider-Man: Homecoming, meaning their romance is expected to be a major part of Avengers: Infinity War.

In addition to Bethany Cabe, it Slott's run will also feature the return of a classic Marvel hero - the android known as Jocasta. Originally created by Ultron to be his artificially intelligent bride, Jocasta became a fan-favorite member of the Avengers. She's only played a minor role since 2014's Avengers A.I., so fans will be thrilled to see her return as a series regular. Especially if it's a hint that her original story is going to be somehow adapted or updated.

An origin story in which Ultron infused Jocasta with the essence and life energy of Janet van Dyne, Ant-Man's wife, as part of his own obsession with his creator, Hank Pym. So the fact that her name is the same as Oedipus's mother is... no coincidence.


Right now, the plot of Tony Stark: Iron Man remains a mystery. Tony Stark has returned to Marvel in a big way, and is taking charge of a company once again - one with the resources to make hundreds of different Iron Man armors. But what that has to do with Jocasta is currently unknown.

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Tony Stark: Iron Man is expected to launch in June 2018.

Source: CBR

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