Iron Man (Nearly) Invincible At The Box Office

"Grand Theft Auto IV"?

I say to you: "HA!"

Iron Man had the 10th biggest box office opening weekend, EVER (and that's not even including the Thursday sneak preview showings). It topped $100 million on this past weekend.

It kicked butt on every level. Audiences loved it, Rotten Tomatoes has it 94% positive and the per screen average was over $24,000 (which means you can't attribute the boffo box office to just the fact it was released on a gazillion screens).

In addition it's opening weeked grosses were double that of both Batman Begins and Superman Returns, plus it earned more than Spider-Man 2 and the first two X-Men movies on their opening weekends.

Maybe the next time I tell you a movie is going to be awesome month after month after month prior to its release, you'll pay attention, eh? :-)

Source: E! Online

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Iron Man (Nearly) Invincible At The Box Office