Iron Man movie update

Finally there is a new snippet of information concerning the upcoming Iron Man movie. interviewed Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, who are the creators of the TV series Smallville, the writors of Spiderman 2, and are writing the screenplay for Iron Man.

They are reinventing the story, which I interpret to mean the origin of the the character and are going to "contemporize" it. They are also going to put it into a real-world context as they have done with Smallville.

I am a bit nervous about this film as it is my favorite comic book character going back to my childhood, but on the bright side, I have faith in these two gentleman based upon their past work and the reviews coming in for Spidey 2 (which I have not seen as of this writing).

Of course mentions of "reinventing" make me queasy, and any time a comic book character is transferred to film there is a danger of too much reinvention. Recent films however seem to show that this is becoming less of an issue, even to hardcore fans of the original material.

On the leading role front, the latest rumour is that Simon Rex (pictured above) is going to be meeting with Marvel concerning the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. He seems to have "the look", at least in the photo shown here, but I haven't seen him in any of his films.

Source: Dark Horizons

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