Iron Man Movie Update

Before I begin with the Iron Man stuff, I would just like to note that this post marks a milestone here at Screen Rant: It's our 1,000th post!

I certainly never ever expected to have 1,000 posts here and I want to thank you for visiting and reading. If it wasn't for you guys (and girls) I wouldn't have any reason to write.

On a side note, being the huge Iron Man fan that I am, how appropriate that the movie gets this honor. :-)

On to the updates...

You've already seen the new poster for the film that came out a few days ago. Click on the image above for the hi-res version.

There hasn't been much news from director Jon Favreau because he's buried deep in the editing process of the film. When he comes up for air for a few moments I'm hoping to score an interview with him, so keep an eye out for that here.

A poll that came out today hosted by puts Iron Man sixth on the list of the most anticipated movies coming out in the next 12 months, nestled underneath the next Chronicles of Narnia movie and above Will Smith's upcoming sci-fi flick I Am Legend.

Rolling Stone lists Iron Man's movie armor in their 2007 Hot Issue list with some new details about the armor which you can find starting here. Details revealed include

- In the movie the helmet is pressurized allowing for high altitude flight (yes, he's flying in the movie - yet more confirmation).

- We'll get Tony Stark's point of view from inside the helmet in some scenes, seeing what he does from inside the armor.

- The back and shoulders have a number of flight control surfaces to make the flight scenes seem more realistic.

- Iron Man will use the repulsors in his gauntlets for flight control as well as weapons.

- The forearm sections include pop-up missles and other weapons.

- Like in the long running comic, the circular pods located on his hips are the power source of the suit.

- For flight, the boot jets actually use repulsor technology instead of some other propulsion system.

Finally, here is a re-cut (and very unofficial) version of the trailer, which in some ways is actually better than the official one:

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