SR Geek Picks: South Park vs. Freemium Games, Iron Man Trilogy Recap & More

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 Welcome to Screen Rant's "Geek Picks," where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you'll find a Seinfeld supercut; South Park summing up freemium games; Skeletor's best insults; and a father dressing up his hospitalized newborn as Iron Man. All that and more on this edition of SR's Geek Picks!

To kick things off today GeekxGirls has 24 interesting Guardians of the Galaxy movies facts that you might not know yet.

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South Park Accurately Sums up Freemium Games

Freemium isn't Free.


The Iron Man Trilogy in 2 Minutes

Iron Man is one man's dramatic journey from functioning alcoholic to functioning alcoholic in a death machine.


Kramer Stealing Food From Jerry

Every single time Kramer helped himself to Jerry's kitchen, all in one glorious supercut.


Skeletor's Best Insults

Skeletor hasn't just mastered evil, he's also mastered the art of the BURN! Watch some of skeletor's funniest, punniest, most rediculous insults in the history of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!


Top 10 Sci-Fi Comedy Movies

5 Crazy Science Stunts, You Won't See At School

Insane experiments you probably won’t be learning in school.


3D Printing Mario Clouds Electronic Jewelry

It's 8-bit retro Mario Clouds! It's so tiny and cute, you can wear it! In this project, we're making Cory Arcangel-inspired Super Mario jewelry using 3D printing and DIY electronics.


Here’s How To Cosplay All Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters At Once

All Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters At Once


Furchester Hotel: John Oliver has Bad News for Cookie Monster

Did you know they don't have cookies in the UK? What is Cookie Monster supposed to do when he's staying at the Furchester Hotel if there are no cookies? Is he supposed to just eat biscuits? John Oliver explains.


Hitting COSPLAYERS in the FACE! - ComiKaze 2014

How to hit people in the face and get away with it!


A Baby Dresses Like Baby Groot

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