Iron Man Movie Hints From Upcoming Video Game?

Here are some of the games details, which I presume related to the armor's capabilities in the movie, along with some character stuff as well:

- The armor will fire repulsors (for the non-initiated, that's an energy beam weapon) from both Iron Man's hands and his chest emitter. The chest beam is more powerful but drains the armor's energy reserves more quickly.

- Iron Man may also have the capability to fire missiles (I assume, miniature) from his armor

- Regarding flight, the armor will have the ability to hover, so it will not just be forward motion super-speed flight.

- Like the Silver Surfer in the recent Fantastic Four sequel, Iron Man is powerful enough to grab an incoming missle and redirect it back at the launcher that shot them.

- He is strong enough to rip apart a tank.

- Armor has the ability to intercept enemy radio communications.

- At least in the video game, Jarvis, long-time butler of The Avengers does put in an appearance.

Will all this translate into the movie? We can't know for sure, but I'm thinking it will. Maybe some of you folks who have some experience with video games based directly on superhero movies (Superman Returns, Spider-Man) can chime in?


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