Iron Man Movie Details Update & Summary

Since the Comic-Con there have been a lot of interviews being posted online with the Iron Man movie gang. Since I've given so much coverage to the film here I thought I might do a summary and give some of the latest details about the film.

Regarding a previous topic I brought up in another post - marketing to both the fans of the character and a broader audience that's never heard of Iron Man director Jon Favreau had this to say:

"The biggest hurdle was getting the comic book audience to know that we got the right guy playing Tony Stark. That we're handling the movie with the right tone, with the right humor, with the right personality, with the right look and to get the suit right because that's the only people who know who Iron Man is right now, are the fans. Now it's about educating the rest of the public, and what 'Transformers' showed is that if you have enough visual interest on the screen there will be a curiosity about the movie."

Favreau has confidence that the average moviegoer who doesn't know the character will want to see the movie based on the "layers of technology, the fighting and then the Marvel brand." and just those items alone will attract tons of people to the film.

Regarding the PG-13 rating, he stated that although he believes that younger kids will be able to see the movie, he's targeting that instead of PG because:

I wanted to have something in which the action was appropriate for all audiences, but I didn't want to make it a PG family fun film because it was Tony Stark and Tony Stark likes to screw, he likes to drink, he likes to party, he likes to drive fast cars and Iron Man gets rough and tumble. It's about a guy who's ambushed in a convoy, in our case in Afghanistan. So there's a way to treat that material where it's not cleaned up too much. For me, I will enjoy watching it but I wouldn't feel irresponsible about letting my kid see it, but it's my kid, I don't know if you'll feel the same way.

Personally I'm happy to hear that because I would hate not being able to bring my daughter to see this!

There's also plenty to look forward to in the inevitable Special Edition DVD because the first cut of the film was just under three hours and he's going to work hard to pare it down to under two hours for the theatrical release. That leaves plenty of footage for extras on a DVD or maybe even a longer "Director's Cut" version.

Was that the Iron Monger armor or the Mark II armor in the Comic-Con trailer?

Inadvertently, he confirmed that the armor shown in the movie is the Iron Monger armor:

"We showed the Mark 1 and the Mark 3, so put it all together. You got to save something. We have to have some surprises."

(Image source:

From Robert Downey Jr, the man chosen to play Tony Stark. He talked about the fear of being bashed by longtime fans of the character and how he dealt with it:

I just became a geek for 'Iron Man' myself and the added value is that I think I got the chops to pull it off.

Other bits 'o news:

- The trailer shown at the Comic-Con was only for the Con. It was designed scene-by-scene, shot-by-shot for that audience. When a trailer is finally released for the film it will be different from the one shown in San Diego.

- The Mandarin will be the puppet master or behind the scenes villain like Sauron in Lord of the Rings or the Emperor in Star Wars. If they are able to make this into a trilogy of films he will be revealed more and more in each film.

- The groundwork is being laid for Rhodey to become War Machine in one of the subsequent films. My guess would be it would happen in Iron Man 2.

- The plan is to eventually make an Avengers movie, and it seems that now that Marvel is in control of their films they plan on planting the seeds for this in the individual superhero movies.

- Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes is a longtime friend of Tony Stark in the film, having met him 20 years ago at M.I.T.

- Happy Hogan has a cameo in the movie, his relationship with Pepper Potts is professional.

- Tony Stark's butler is in the movie "in some form" according to Favreau. Knowing him this could mean he's a robot. :-)

- The armor was (obviously) influenced by the Adi Granov armor in the comics, but is not as high tech as the comic book version.

As usual, I'll do my best to keep you updated of developments on the film!

Iron Man opens on May 2, 2008.

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