Since PlayStation Has Spider-Man, Iron Man Would Make A Great Xbox Exclusive

Spider-Man PS4 With Iron Man

Spider-Man on PS4 has only just released, but already PlayStation owners have been reveling in the opportunity to swing freely around New York as the beloved Marvel hero. The game's reference-heavy action has been one of the most talked about games of the year, and for many players, it hasn't disappointed. That said, the fact that the game is a PS4 exclusive has left plenty of gamers out in the cold.

Perhaps heaviest hit will be Xbox One owners, who may well be looking enviously at not only Spider-Man but the PS4's other exclusives such as God of War as well. Although there is the promise of further Xbox One exclusives in the pipeline, at the moment, Marvel fans who chose Xbox might not see that bright side. A perfect solution for Microsoft would be to have a Marvel exclusive for the Xbox One to call its own - and what better choice than Iron Man?

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Indeed, an Iron Man video game would not only be a big step towards easing fears over the exclusives library of the Xbox One, but it would also provide another major service. Iron Man video games have hardly set the world alight over the years, with a string of mediocre movie tie-ins the most recent adaptations. Although Iron Man as a character found more love within the Ultimate Alliance games, on his own, Tony Stark has flattered to deceive.

The action-heavy nature of Iron Man would be a perfect fit for the Xbox, and for Xbox fan expectations well. After all, this is the series of consoles that brought players the Halo and Gears of War franchises, and with it a blood and thunder approach to gameplay. While gamers wait for more on Halo Infinite, an announcement of Iron Man would certainly give gamers something else to look forward to.

Iron Man would also fill a void from another angle. The Iron Man armor itself would be a great chance to include free roaming, flying action, and so those still hurting over the cancellation of Scalebound could find some solace there. Scalebound was going to offer the chance to ride a dragon as part of its gameplay, and so Iron Man's aerial combat would be an appreciated replacement. On top of that, there are some ways in which an Iron Man game could emulate part of what's worked about Insomniac Games' Spider-Man. For starters, those suit changes in Spider-Man could easily be introduced for an Iron Man game, with Tony Stark swapping armor for different situations. With plenty of abilities Stark has only used once, there's lots of scope for a developer to stretch their legs in this regard.

Of course, Iron Man will be making an appearance in another video game at some point. Square Enix's Avengers game is in the works, with developer Crystal Dynamics opening a new studio to help with its creation. However, between Spider-Man and this in-development project, it looks as though it could springboard an entire Marvel games universe, and each of the most popular heroes would surely be given a chance to have a game to themselves.

As such, Xbox users could be left crossing their fingers for a Marvel game to call their own. Whether it ever comes to be is another matter entirely, but there's certainly scope for Microsoft to forge ahead and try to stake a claim to have an exclusive title in that multi-game partnership that Square Enix has with Marvel. If that happens, then Iron Man could be the best fit of them all.

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