Exclusive Reveal: Iron Man Extremis Mark II Statue by Adi Granov

If you love Marvel artwork, whether it be beautiful comic book covers or concept art used by Marvel Studios for developing movies then you're more than likely familiar with the work of Adi Granov.

Granov has created quite an extensive library of Iron Man related works, including many different versions of Tony Stark's iconic armor and some great War Machine pieces too. See for yourself here. That makes us especially excited to exclusive debut something Adi Granov has been working on with Sideshow Collectibles.

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Allow us to present the official reveal of the IRON MAN EXTREMIS MK II STATUE, the first in Sideshow’s Adi Granov Artist Series. Very little information has been released at this time but we wanted to get this tease out there before more information is revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Be sure to sign up for the RSVP list on Sideshow's Extremis Mk 22 Statute page!

Adi Granov helped design the Extremis armor look and provided the cover art for Warren Ellis' Iron Man Extremis run in Marvel Comics. Check out Screen Rant's Iron Man: Extremis Motion Comic Review and Panel Discussion from back in 2010 for more!

We don't know much about the statue yet but note the detailing on the gauntlet repulsors, chest arc reactor (embracing the triangular design) and the helmet eyes. We love the fold-out flaps on the armor's back, the rib details on the armor itself, and the retractable arm weapons. It looks amazing and totally fits Adi Granov's library of Iron Man concepts.

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