Iron Man & Doctor Strange Gear Up For Battle in Avengers 3 Set Photos

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New set photos from Avengers: Infinity War show Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and more dealing with the aftermath of a battle in NYC. With a title like Infinity War, there was never any doubt that chaos and destruction were once again headed to the MCU. Of course, the cosmic nature of the story seemed to hint at a more intergalactic film. While most of the space-based action is likely still under wraps thanks to it being filmed in studios, we know from set photos that a good amount of the battles that take place next summer will be on Earth.

For months, we've seen shots of the action in Scotland, and now things have moved to NYC. But while some filming is set for New York, much of the action in the city looks to be taking place in Atlanta, GA. The southern city has long served the MCU when it comes to studio shoots and some outdoor scenes, but now it looks as if it will take the place of NYC. Yesterday, we got a taste of some chaos in the streets for Infinity War, and we now know it's tied to that shot of the Avengers eating lunch together that we saw last week.

Variety has collected a number of shots on location in downtown Atlanta for Avengers: Infinity War featuring all sorts of bedlam. Amidst the chaos, we once again see Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Bruce Banner, and Wong all together. They look to be surveying the damage, likely in the aftermath of a huge battle with Thanos and his Black Order. There's also a number of cabs on the street made up to look like they're from New York City.

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Not much more can be gleaned from the images than the fact that the four heroes will be joining forces for a skirmish. We know most of the other Avengers and at least one of the Guardians were on hand in Edinburgh for an earlier shoot, so it seems as though the heroes will all be forming mini groups across the globe. We've also seen Mark Ruffalo and Chadwick Boseman together in Atlanta, meaning T'Challa could be a part of this group. Either that, or Atlanta is serving doulbe duty as New York and Wakanda.

It's also interesting to note Banner and Stark are in their civilian guises, with RDJ wearing a very unusual camo get-up. Another shot shows a stand-in for Iron Man, meaning he'll likely call up his suit at one point. There's also a shot of someone dressed similar to Doctor Strange. While it could be a stand-in of some sort, it's interesting to note that the hair and cape are both quite different from Benedict Cumberbatch's.

Following the release of the photos, Just Jared shared their own shots from the set. While they don't offer anything new, they do provide closer looks at the actors in costume. We specifically get a better idea of what RDJ is wearing, with his jacket and pants clearly featuring some motion capture dots. Check them out here.

With Infinity War close to wrapping, we may see a few more looks behind the scenes before everything is done. Shortly after, the first set photos for Avengers 4 should also start coming in. While we know not everyone will make it out of Infinity War alive, shots from the set of the sequel may provide some clues. Until then, we'll bring you all the Avengers: Infinity War news that arrives.

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Source: Variety and Just Jared

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