Superhero Expenses: The Estimated Costs of Batman & Iron Man

Batman vs Iron Man

Of the core heroes featured on the rosters of Marvel's The Avengers and DC's Justice League, there is one man on each team who is not quite "super," who do not rely on alien weapons of devices for extraordinary abilities. Instead, these heroes rely on their personal wealth and knowledge to equip themselves with the best gadgets that earth's technology has to offer.

We are of course talking about Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman), who represent the poster boy characters of each respective cinematic universe from Disney/Marvel Studios and Warner Bros./DC Entertainment. So, who spends more to be a superhero? The question has been answered (sort of).

The following pair of infographics have been timely put together by financial services company MoneySupermarket just in time for the release of The Dark Knight Rises, and just as Iron Man 3 nears completion of principal photography.

Starting with Batman, the infographic breaks down estimated costs of Batman's armor and gadgets, followed by his unique vehicles, including The Bat - the latest to be featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

Cost of being Batman

While the breakdown of items is neat to see, the numbers are totally off the mark and seemingly completely made up. In fact, they don't even jive with what was explicitly said in the films themselves. Take for example the Batman Kevlar armor suit - the first version alone (before modifications to make the head able to turn) cost over $300,000 (not $3000) as said by Lucius Fox to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. That's also before modifications, not even counting backup suits, the costs of the Batcave or secret underground base in the construction yard as seen in The Dark Knight. There's also the sheer amount of parts Bruce Wayne had to order to build the mask with the embedded earpiece as to not draw suspicion to his nightly activities.


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