Iron Man’s New Endgame Suit Officially Revealed by Avengers Toy

The new Hot Toys action figure gives Marvel fans their best look yet at Iron Man's new Mark LXXXV armor - clearly designed to take on Thanos.

A Hot Toys action figure has finally revealed Iron Man's Avengers: Endgame armor. The fourth Avengers film is expected to be Tony Stark's swan song in the MCU, and as such there's been a lot of excitement about seeing his final - and presumably his most advanced - armor.

It's going to take Tony Stark a lot of effort to top the Mark 50, which he wore in Avengers: Infinity War. That saw him replace his Arc reactor with what Marvel called an "RT unit," and he dropped his traditional armor in favor of nanotechnology. That made the Mark 50 the "Swiss Army knife" of Iron Man suits, with Stark able to use the nanotech to reproduce anything he needed for any specific situation. And yet, for all Stark was better armed than ever before, he was no match for Thanos. He's going to need to do better if he wants to win in the inevitable rematch.

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Hot Toys has just revealed their official 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark LXXXV, which really does seem to be the most powerful armor to date. Confirmed as true to the movies, the model features two interchangeable head sculpts, LED light-up functions throughout the upper body, back and chest, an attachable Nano Lightning Refocuser for the back, multiple pairs of interchangeable hands, and a character-themed figure stand. They confirm that there'll be additional accessories for sale as well, presumably after Avengers: Endgame has released.

It's curious that this is the Mark LXXXV - or, in numeric terms, the Mark 85. Tony Stark was wearing the Mark 50 in Avengers: Infinity War, so what happened to the other 34 armors? This may strongly suggest that there's a substantial time jump in Avengers: Endgame, giving Stark time to go through a number of different iterations. Notice that the armor is still described as nanotech, which means it will have all the flexibility of the Mark 50, but presumably it has a lot of added features as well. Tony Stark has been stranded in space on the Benatar with Nebula, so it's quite possible he's learned a thing or two about the advanced technology of alien races in the MCU.

The red-and-gold colorscheme is sure to delight comic book readers, as it's very much reminiscent of Iron Man's classic comic book armor in the comics. Interestingly, though, there's no precedent for a "Nano Lightning Refocuser" from the comics, so Stark will clearly be using technology beyond anything that's been seen before. If the Mark 50 was able to make Thanos bleed, then presumably the Mark 85 is designed to beat him once and for all.

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Source: Hot Toys

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