Best Episodes Of Iron Man: Armored Adventures Season 1

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Iron Man: Armored Adventures was an animated show that followed the misadventures of a teenage Tony Stark - let's look at the best episodes from the show's first season. Prior to the original Iron Man movie in 2008, the character was considered something of a b-list property. When Marvel first announced their plan to launch a cinematic universe that would unite characters like Tony Stark, Thor, and Captain America, rival studios found the ambitious concept insanely risky.

Of course, everything worked out in Marvel's favor with the MCU being a gigantic success. Robert Downey, Jr. proved to be the perfect choice for Tony Stark in the original Iron Man and he has only grown into the role over time. Iron Man is now considered a major character in both comics and on the big screen, and it didn't take long for a cartoon series spinoff to land. Iron Man: Armored Adventures arrived in 2009 and follows teenage genius Tony Stark as he fights various villains with some help from his friends Pepper Potts and Rhodey.

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Iron Man: Armored Adventures proved to be an action-packed animated series with some unique reinventions of classic comic characters. Let's look at some of the best episodes from Iron Man: Armored Adventures first season, based on their IMDb rating.

Hulk in Iron Man Armored Adventures

Tales Of Suspense: Part 1 & 2 - Episode 25 & 26 (IMDb Rating 7.6 / 7.9)

It makes sense the two-part season 1 finale of Iron Man: Armored Adventures would also be the most dramatic. IMDb rates part two as 7.9 - the highest of the season - while part 1 earned a 7.6. This two-parter finds Tony and Pepper kidnapped by Gene Khan (aka The Mandarin) and it's up to War Machine to rescue them. "Tales Of Suspense" is an action-packed finale and even manages to squeeze an actual dragon into proceedings, but it also pays off the rivalry between Tony and Gene, who reveals a shocking twist about Howard Stark.

Ancient History 101 - Episode 9 (IMDb Rating 7.7)

"Ancient History 101" finds Tony and Gene searching for the second Makluan Ring and accidentally bringing the Ring's guardians the Dreadknight to life. In addition to fleshing out more of the history behind the Rings, the Dreadknight statues made for creepy villains.

Uncontrollable - Episode 23 (IMDb Rating 7.7)

This Iron Man: Armored Adventures episode sees Tony face off against The Hulk in his Dynamo Buster armor - which is then taken over by The Controller. The Hulk then has to save both Iron Man and his friend Rick Jones from doing The Controller's bidding. "Uncontrollable" proved to be a solid guest appearance by The Hulk and it was interesting to see Tony needing to be saved for a change.

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Designed Only For Chaos - Episode 21 (IMDb 7.6)

"Designed Only For Chaos" is a fan favorite episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures. It's a busy storyline, with Tony trying to save dying villain The Living Lazer, while A.I.M. hires Ghost to kidnap the villain to power their own plans. It's an emotional episode too, with Tony struggling to reconcile his feelings over Howard Stark's past and The Living Lazer deciding to help Iron Man once he realizes his true identity. "Designed Only For Chaos" managed to balance the series' action with a nice dose of character development too.

Chasing Ghosts - Episode 17 (IMDb Rating 7.4)

Ghost is hired to kill Tony Stark, who is being protected by Madame Masque. "Chasing Ghosts" makes good use of the central villain's abilities and also finds Tony having to turn to his friends for help when he realizes he can't do everything alone, which is an important development for the character during Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

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