Iron Man: 8 Little-Known Facts Tony Stark’s Armor

Iron Man in Avengers Infinity War fight

Back in the ‘70s, outwardly expressing an interest in comic books was a good way to get yourself stuffed into a locker. But ever since Iron Man blasted into theatres in 2008, comic books have come to dominate pop culture. Loving superheroes is no longer something people feel they need to hide. Nerds wear Captain America t-shirts with pride and teenagers are just as likely to be debating the merits of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man suit as they are to be checking Facebook.

In the superhero-centered time that we’re living in, boasting an intricate knowledge of all things Iron Man isn’t something to scoff at; for many, it’s something to aspire to. So, for those of you who find themselves lacking in the department of Iron Man knowledge (egads!), we decided to compile a list of 8 things most people don’t know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Tony Stark’s famous suit.

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8 It Has A Urine Reclamation Function

10 Superheroes Who Have Had The Most MCU Appearances

This nifty little function was revealed to audiences in Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark got drunk out of his mind at his Malibu beach house. Believing his life might be coming to an end due to blood poisoning, Tony threw himself one last birthday party and invited half the town. The entertainment? Himself, galavanting around in the Iron Man suit and urinating in front of his guests while wearing it. But, as he told the partygoers, peeing in the suit isn’t as disgusting as it might sound. A true genius, Tony designed the suit with a urine reclamation function, just in case he ever got stuck going about his superhero business without a toilet nearby.

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7 Tony Stark Has Built 50 Versions Of The Iron Man Suit

Every superhero fan remembers that iconic scene in Iron Man when Tony Stark set to work on the very first Iron Man suit in that dark cave. Back then, Tony was just your typical, run-of-the-mill billionaire. He hadn’t become a superhero yet and at that point, the Avengers were nothing but a pipe dream of Nick Fury’s. But after Tony took Mark I of the Iron Man suit for a spin, he was hooked. Since then, he’s gone on to build 50 different versions of his original suit.

The newest prototype employs nanotechnology and Tony used it in the battle against Thanos. The nanobots enable the suit to adapt to the requirements of the battle and morph into different forms according to Tony’s needs. Oh, how far he’s come since he crashed Mark I into the desert way back in 2008.

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6 Tony Stark Can Control More Advanced Versions Of The Suit With His Mind

It’s hard to imagine a downside to owning an Iron Man suit, but being Tony Stark isn’t all fun and games. Not only is there the responsibility of jetting off to save the world from some alien or megalomaniac once or twice a year, but it cannot be fun getting that giant hunk of metal on and off of your body.

In the early films, Tony Stark created advanced robotic technology to assist him with putting on and taking off the suit. But in Iron Man 3, Tony came up with a way to expedite the process even more, creating armor he could control with his mind. Utilizing implants beneath his skin, these versions of the suit can be summoned from afar, assembling on his body in pieces like the coolest three-dimensional puzzle you’ve ever seen.

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5 The First Suits Were Not Made Of Iron, But Rather, Gold-Titanium Alloy

Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark

At the end of the first Iron Man movie, Tony is pictured reading an article that christens him “the Iron Man.” Liking the sound of the nickname, he goes on to adopt it as his official superhero title. Although it has a catchy ring to it, “Iron Man” is a rather misleading name for Tony Stark’s armor. The early versions of the armor were actually made out of a gold-titanium alloy. Given some of the new abilities of the more modern suits, it’s safe to assume Tony has utilized new, more advanced materials, but unfortunately for the geekier geeks amongst us, he hasn't elaborated much on the science of his more recent suits.

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4 Using The Suit, Tony Stark Can Lift In Excess Of 100 Tons

Hulk and Hulkbuster in Avengers Infinity War

Take away the suit and he’s nothing but a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist. But when he’s Iron Man, Tony Stark is one of the strongest Avengers, topped only by Thor and the Hulk. As to whether Thor or the Hulk comes first, Tony made his opinion abundantly clear in Thor: Ragnarok, managing to make his presence felt in a movie he wasn't even in (just Tony Stark things). Although the initial versions of the suit were limited in their strength, later models have proven incredibly powerful. While wearing some of them, Tony can lift in excess of 100 tons. One of his sturdiest suits is the Hulkbuster, which was built for the express purpose of going toe-to-toe with Marvel’s iconic green rage monster.

3 In The Suit, Stark Can Fly As Fast As The Speed Of Sound

Iron Man Flying

In the first movie, Stark was shown flying through the sky alongside military crafts, proving even his initial version of the suit could move at pretty impressive speeds. But in Iron Man 3, he built a suit that surpassed his previous records. Nicknamed “Shotgun,” this suit could fly at five times the speed of sound, with its name referencing the loud sound made by the suit as it broke the sound barrier. It is unclear how fast Tony’s suit in Avengers: Infinity War can fly, but with the additional thrusters he’s added since his Iron Man 3 days, it’s safe to assume Mach 5 is mere child's play compared to the more modern versions of the suit.

2 His Suits Are Now Able To Withstand The Extreme Environment Of Space

In the first Iron Man movie, Tony Stark’s suit was barely able to withstand the upper levels of the Earth’s atmosphere without freezing up. But the Iron Man suit in Avengers: Infinity War is like a miniature spaceship, employing an airtight seal to shut out the nothingness of space. It is also capable of providing its own supply of breathable air in case Tony is stuck in an inhospitable environment for an extended period of time, whether that be space or the depths of the ocean. These handy additions to the suit became lifesavers in Avengers: Infinity War, when Tony was forced to pursue Ebony Maw’s ship into space.

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1 The Latest Version Of The Iron Man Suit Has Wings

Why add wings to a suit that can already shoot through the sky like a bullet, you ask? Well, why not? Looking like the most epic butterfly you’ve ever seen, the most recent version of the Iron Man suit has nanotechnology that allows Tony Stark to sprout a pair of wings from his back almost instantly. Boasting their own thrusters, the wings can boost Tony’s speed while helping stabilize his flight during battle. It seems like the only thing they can’t do is get Tony Stark back to Earth — but hey, apparently, NASA’s on that one.

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