'Iron Man 3' Trailer Available Online October 23rd & What You Should Expect to See

Ever since Marvel debuted Iron Man 3 footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, fans that weren't able to attend the Hall H panel have been wondering when they might get their first look at the highly-anticipated threequel. Then, two weeks ago, we reported that Marvel Studios co-president, Louis D’Esposito, was giving a more specific timeframe for the first public Iron Man 3 trailer - "mid to late October."

As it turns out, D’Esposito was dead-on - given that the trailer will actually debut right in the center of mid to late October, specifically, 12:01 am on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Previously, we reported that, following an on-set Iron Man 3 injury, star Robert Downey, Jr. was back at work in the Iron Man suit but Yahoo! Movies dropped one additional detail into the mix - confirmation of the trailer release date and time.

So what can audiences expect from the footage?

One month ago, a lengthy Iron Man 3 trailer description leaked online - breaking down the video's visuals and voiceovers in great detail. The outline also confirmed, much like we've been saying on the site, that Iron Man 3 will likely be darker in tone than prior Marvel efforts - with the description drawing comparisons to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. While some moviegoers might dismiss the description as little more than fan-made fun, the outline does include several sequences and shots that were shown in the Comic-Con panel. Of course, that could mean one of two things a) the author saw the Comic-Con footage and incorporated the respective details into their write-up or b) that Marvel intends to show the public certain pieces of the exclusive Comic-Con sneak peek material.

Despite those authentic details, the validity of the trailer description was further called into question when, a few weeks ago, Marvel showed a very different version of the Iron Man 3 "trailer" at an Avengers Blu-Ray release event in the UK. Sadly, few of the attendees knew they'd be seeing Iron Man 3 footage ahead of time and, as a result, very little is known about the video. However, a couple of the known details were teased in the trailer outline and as a result, it's unclear whether the UK footage is actually the official trailer or just sizzle reel video.

We won't know for sure which report actually lines up with the official Iron Man 3 trailer until October 23rd (assuming either of them do). Either way, we'd expect Marvel's official trailer to feature certain key pieces of footage featured in the UK teaser: the new Extremis Iron Man suit, the destruction of Tony Stark’s mansion, as well as the reveal of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin - while at the same time presenting the "darker" tone referenced in the trailer description. Director Shane Black has repeatedly described his Iron Man installment as more of a grounded espionage story, not an over-the-top superhero adventure, and that approach will likely be a major focus in the first full-length trailer.

However, the trailer will still need to dazzle audiences a bit with slick visuals and cool Iron Man suit action - especially after we're still calming down from the excitement of Marvel's superhero summer mashup, The Avengers. As a result, expect to see at least one tease of how the Extremis suit differs from prior Iron Man armor - specifically Tony Stark's ability to control the armor with his mind.

Unfortunately, the Iron Man 3 trailer release date info did not come with any updates regarding when the Comic-Con Ant-Man test footage will be made available to the public - so, for the time being, fans will have to settle for the fan-made storyboard breakdown.

We'll be sure to post the Iron Man 3 trailer, along with a detailed analysis, when it arrives online October 23rd.


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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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'Iron Man 3' Trailer Available Online October 23rd & What You Should Expect to See