'Iron Man 3' Trailer Analysis

It was a long wait for the first official Iron Man 3 trailer - and, upon release, some intriguing details have left fans scrambling. The brief trailer is packed with easter eggs and suspicious tidbits, causing the a lot of debate among commenters in our prior trailer write-ups, so we thought it would be a good idea to clear up a few of the things we know would be useful to readers.

That doesn't mean there aren't aspects of Iron Man 3 that may still surprise. But, given that there's still a lot we don't know, we thought it best to weigh in on a few of the wilder theories. For those who've been keeping close attention to IM3 rumors, the trailer did much to confirm more than a few spoilers already.

The trailer proves that this chapter of Tony Stark's life will be much darker and more serious than before but fans can still expect plenty of fun one-liners and big action scenes, sometime without our hero inside the suit.

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'Iron Man 3' Trailer Analysis