'Iron Man 3' Trailer Video Discussion with AMC Theaters

We discuss the 'Iron Man 3' trailer with AMC Theaters and other entertainment writers - covering our first impressions of The Mandarin and a darker Tony Stark story.

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Late last night, Marvel Studios debuted the first official Iron Man 3 trailer - teasing, as we've previously reported, a much darker tone for this Tony Stark chapter. The full length Iron Man 3 trailer packs a lot of action, character reveals, and larger Marvel Movie Universe threads into a tight 2:05 video led by voiceovers from Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Kingsley, playing "terrorist" The Mandarin, as well as shots of nearly every single hero character in peril - including "Rhodey" aka War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow).

There's plenty of crowd-pleasing action and the new Extremis Armor looks great in motion; however, for many, the most-talked about trailer moment is the notably somber finish - showing Tony Stark dragging the Iron Man armor through a snowy wilderness.

Screen Rant editor (and SR Underground Podcast host), Ben Kendrick, had a chance to sit down with fellow entertainment writers, Silas Lesnick (ComingSoon), our own Roth Cornet (representing AMC Theatres this time), and Mike Sampson (ScreenCrush) in a video panel hosted by AMC Theaters' John Campea to talk about our impressions of the trailer - as well as how the various out of context scenes might provide hints about what to expect from the final film.

You can check out the video discussion at the top of the page. Be warned, we do get into some speculation that could turn out to be SPOILERY (depending on the final film).

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in his lab in Iron Man 3

Even though many fans were underwhelmed by Iron Man 2, it's hard to imagine they'll be taking a wait and see approach to the upcoming third film - as the core Iron Man storyline (and accompanying armor action) still has plenty of potential. That said, as we discuss in the video, Iron Man 3 is in a tricky spot. It's saddled with following-up the biggest, and for many most entertaining, superhero movie of all time, as the first post-Avengers solo-outing. Most filmgoers have pointed to all the pre-Avengers build-up as a reason for Iron Man 2's shortcomings, so it'll be very interesting to see how director Shane Black balances the larger hero universe with this intimate Tony Stark story. The trailer seems to indicate that while humanity has moved on from Loki's alien invasion, The Battle for New York left Iron Man more anxious and obsessive than ever - especially when it comes to protecting girlfriend Pepper Potts.

In addition, we also touch on Ben Kingsley's version of The Mandarin - which has been a source of debate ever since the actor was announced for the role. Reactions continue to be mixed, and while the trailer does offer an intriguing introduction to the fan-favorite villain, we're definitely looking forward to more footage of The Mandarin in subsequent Iron Man 3 marketing materials to get a better idea of Kingsley's portrayal.

Iron Man 3 Ben Kingsley Mandarin Close-up

Join the discussion by letting us know what you thought of the trailer (as well as whether you agree or disagree with the various points raised in the video blog).


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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013.

Source: AMC Theaters

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