This one is really simple by comparison: According to LEGOS we’ll be seeing elements of the Extremis armor and storyline from the comics – which we already know for certain, having seen the actual Extremis armor on display at Comic-Con, detailed in recent concept art (alongside War Machine/Iron Patriot), and generally in the Iron Man 3 Comic-Con footage and trailer description. So we wouldn’t call this info a revelation, exactly.

The only sliver of juicy news implied by the LEGO set is that we’ll get an actual “big boss” battle between Tony Stark/Iron Man and The Mandarin, the nefarious mastermind (and longtime nemesis of Iron Man in the comics) who will be played by Ben Kingsley. If true, it then begs the question of just how Stark and The Mandarin will have their epic showdown; seeing the Mandarin don some advanced suit of armor would be too reminiscent of the boss battles in Iron Man 1&2, and we doubt Marvel Studios will ‘keep it to comics’ by having Mandarin whip out his signature ten mystical rings to go all Voldemort on Tony (it’s possible, just not likely).

Iron Man 3 Mandarin Boss Battle Rumor Patrol: LEGO Sets Reveal Potential Man of Steel & Iron Man 3 Spoilers

Will we see Iron Man throwdown with The Mandarin?

If I had to personally guess, I would count no the Extremis biotech being used to turn the villain into a physical match for the upgraded Iron Man, while still allowing him to stick relatively close to his standard physical form. Of course, if Mandarin sits back and lets some Extremis-enhanced thugs or (stick with me here,) a big robot version of Fin Fang Foom do his fighting for him… Well, I wouldn’t be mad about that, either.

Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Man of Steel will follow on June 14, 2013.

Source: Brickset (via Screen Crush)

All Comic Book Artwork is property of Marvel and DC Comics

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