Unofficial 'Iron Man 3' Armor Guide [Spoilers]

A rumor from months ago hinted that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) may not only gain the ability to interface with technology around him - including individual pieces of armor for his latest and greatest suit - but he'd be able to control entirely separate suits with his mind, thus leading him to create a small army of Iron Men, so to speak. The Iron Man 3 prelude comic confirmed the idea, dubbing his reinforcements the "Iron Legion," which can be seen in the latest Iron Man 3 poster to the left.

A leaked list of armor descriptions on 4chan (from toys and some people who claim to have seen the film) lines up with many of the rumors, toy images and concept art that have leaked in recent weeks, so we've put together an unofficial Screen Rant guide to Iron Man 3's armor designs. Many of these armors can be seen in the second official Iron Man 3 trailer, releasing today.


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Unofficial 'Iron Man 3' Armor Guide [Spoilers]