New 'Iron Man 3' Set Photos: Tony Stark Flies to the Rescue

Robert Downey Jr, injured, Iron Man 3 production delay

The photos that have been snapped on the Iron Man 3 set have, on the whole, hinted at a a lot of problems for Tony Stark in this threequel. Without spoiling anything, we've seen former Iron Man friends being given a fresh makeover, as well as set equipment that indicated - before it was confirmed by concept art and  Comic-Con 2012 footage - that Stark's Malibu home was going to be undergoing some pretty destructive renovation when the bad guys came calling.

Today we have new Iron Man 3 set photos, and they seem to indicate that the criminal organization Tony is up against will be wreaking havoc all over the place - even in the sky. scroll down if you want to know more - but be warned POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!

These photos seem to capture a scene in which Iron Man is flying through the air carrying a bunch of people he's saved - people in business suits, military uniforms and airline personnel outfits. This suggests that some important airborne object - Latino Review is speculating it could even be Air Force One - will be under attack by the now-confirmed Mandarin's (Ben Kingsley) forces, which will include cybernetically enhanced henchmen played by James Bade Dale and Ashley Hamilton.

Check out the images below:


Iron Man 3 Mark VIII Armor

The Iron Man 3 Comic-Con 2012 panel has shown us that director Shane Black definitely has something different in mind for the threequel; early rumors we heard that it would be something more akin to a high-concept espionage film, rather than a standard superhero film, seem to be accurate in the best way possible. We say all that to say: feel free to set the bar of expectation high for this Marvel movie.

Iron Man 3 will in theaters on May 3, 2013.

Source: Star News (via Latino Review)

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