'Iron Man 3' to Start Filming in North Carolina in June 2012

Iron Man 3 Will Film in North Carolina

Iron Man will join the ranks of the superhero team The Avengers next summer, but the Old Shellhead isn't giving up his role as a solo star just yet. According to new reports, just a month after The Avengers hits theaters, filming is set to begin on Iron Man 3.

The movie, which will be helmed by Shane Black, is reportedly scheduled to begin filming in June of next year in Wilmington, North Carolina. North Carolina beat out Michigan to attract the multimillion dollar production to several sound stages at Wilmington's Screen Gems Studios.

Latino Review originally shared the scoop on the filming location, with the Detroit Free Press confirming the news in its own report. According to the Detroit Free Press, Marvel decided to film in North Carolina after the state made a better offer, giving up $20 million in tax incentives to land the high-profile project.

Michigan originally offered $13 million in incentives, before provisionally raising the bid to $20 million pending legislative approval. Marvel, not interested in waiting for approval that might not have come, moved forward with Wilmington.

For a while, Michigan was Hollywood's go-to location for filming thanks to the state's impressive tax incentive program. Under the direction of new legislators and a new governor, however, the state recently scaled back on offering these incentives, making it much less attractive to Hollywood studios.

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In fact, this is the second time that the state of Michigan has lost out on a high-profile Marvel project thanks to the state's policy changes. The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan also had a chance to play host to The Avengers, but lost the project to Ohio (making it a double slap in the face to Michigan citizens).

While the state, which currently has the third-highest unemployment in the country, lost a chance to add some jobs with the two Marvel projects, not all is lost. Currently, Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful is filming in Michigan.

Source: Latino Review and Detroit Free Press

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