Movie & TV News Wrap Up: Oct 15, 2012

Our wrap up includes Aaron Paul's interest in 'The Dark Tower,' Julianne Moore joining Liam Neeson's latest thriller, the composer of 'Iron Man 3,' and more 'Arrested Development' season 4 casting.

This week:

Aaron Paul expresses interest in The Dark Tower; a composer has been chosen for Iron Man 3; Disney and Pixar have released their short film Partysaurus Rex online; Julianne Moore joins the cast of Liam Neeson's next project; and Arrested Development adds a 'Stooge' to its cast.


Aaron Paul - best known for his Emmy-winning turn as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad - has expressed interest in playing Eddie Dean in the film adaptation of The Dark Tower.

Aaron Paul Interested in Dark Tower

While, as far as we know, The Dark Tower is still in development hell, that isn't stopping Paul from taking to Twitter to throw his name in the ring for potential casting. In Stephen King's novel, Dean is a reformed junkie who is pulled into the story's fantasy world by protagonist Roland. Dean is introduced in the series' second book, 'The Drawing of the Three,' and becomes a main character throughout the remainder of the story.

Regardless of whether The Dark Tower ever gets made, the obvious connections between Jesse Pinkman and Eddie Dean are there, which makes casting Paul as the character almost a no-brainer. After Paul tweeted his desire, LOST scribe Damon Lindelof chimed in to say Paul "would be the best Eddie ever." If the project ever gets off the ground – last we heard Media Rights Capital was interested in picking up the project after Warner Bros. passed – hopefully the film's casting director keeps Paul in mind.

Source: Aaron Paul (Twitter)


Composer Brian Tyler has announced he will be creating the score for Iron Man 3.

Brian Tyler Composing Iron Man 3

While Tyler's work thus far – in projects like Expendables 2, Final Destination 5, and Fast Five – hasn't necessarily caught the ears of many movie fans, his work on this highly-anticipated sequel should get his name further out there. Tyler's work on the previously mentioned films and the video game Modern Warfare 3 tends to favor instruments like drums, piano, and most importantly the guitar, which should fit right in with Tony Stark's rock 'n roll sensibilities.

A trailer for Iron Man 3 is expected to release later this month - potentially on October 23rd - but considering Tyler's involvement was just announced, we don't expect to hear any previews of his work with that first tease of the Marvel threequel.

Source: Brian Tyler


Pixar's Partysaurus Rex, the animated short film that preceded Finding Nemo 3D in theaters earlier this year, has been released online for all to enjoy. Check it out below:

While Toy Story 3 reportedly marked the final feature-length adventure for Woody, Buzz, and co., Pixar has been keeping fans up to date on the crew's goings-on with several of their trademark short films. Partysaurus Rex, which centers on a dance party involving Rex, bath toys, and some bubbles, joins a growing library of Toy Story shorts that already includes Hawaiian Vacation and Small Fry.

Source: Disney


Julianne Moore will reportedly be re-teaming with her Chloe co-star, Liam Neeson, for the thriller Non Stop.

Julianne Moore Considered for Non Stop

The film will star Neeson as an air marshal who starts receiving cryptic texts from a presumed terrorist. As the texts escalate in intensity, Neeson's search similarly increases in desperation, with him presumably having to resort to some physical violence before the credits roll. Believability aside, the film sounds well within Neeson's wheelhouse - even more so when you consider Non Stop reteams him with his Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra.

There's no word on what Julianne Moore's role might be - although speculation is already running rampant that she could play the terrorist. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Variety


Three Stooges star Chris Diamantopoulos – who played Mo in the Farrelly Brothers-directed film – will be joining the cast of Arrested Development in a guest role.

Chris Diamontopoulos Arrested Development

Deadline reports that Diamantopoulos is signed on for at least three episodes of season 4, with the possibility of more. There's currently no word on what role the actor would play, but considering Arrested Development has turned out some pretty memorable guest stars we can't wait to see what they have in store for Diamontopoulos.

While The Three Stooges didn't fare too well with critics, a few found Diamontopoulos' turn as Mo to be one of the film's highlights. Along with his Arrested Development guest spot, Diamontopoulos will also be featured on an upcoming episode of Community.

Source: Deadline

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