Three New Limited Edition 'Iron Man 3' Posters Revealed by Mondo

Iron Man 3 IMAX Poster Header

Phase Two of Marvel Studios' cinematic universe is about to begin with the release of Shane Black's Iron Man 3, and the general consensus from critics is that it's a strong - if flawed - beginning for the next arc of superhero stories from Marvel. Robert Downey Jr. returns as the titular character with Ben Kingsley as new antagonist The Mandarin and Don Cheadle in spiffy new patriotic armor as War Machine.

The final poster in IMAX's 12:01 series - which has since evolved into IMAX Fanfix - is a unique print designed by comic artist Jock, but if you didn't manage to get tickets to a midnight IMAX screening then don't worry - there's still a chance to get your own piece of limited edition Iron Man 3 artwork.

The movie opens for the consumption of the general public on May 3rd and, to celebrate the theatrical release, pop-culture artwork producers Mondo have created three sets of limited edition Iron Man 3 prints that will also go on sale May 3rd. All three posters are 24-by-36 inches, and the first two (featuring the original design and the color-swapped variant) were created by artist Martin Ansin, who previously designed a rather amazing limited edition poster for Thor. Ansin said that the project held a particular personal significance for him:

"It's Iron Man comics that led me into drawing when I was a little kid. All it took for me to get hooked was an oversized shellhead collection by Tuska in black and white, magic markers and a week sick in bed. Doing this poster has been amazing luck — and a tough job, with that 5-year-old fan keeping tabs on it."

Check out the new posters below:


Mondo Iron Man 3 Poster - Original

Mondo Iron Man 3 Poster - Colour-swapped

Mondo Iron Man 3 Poster - Glow in the dark

The third poster is a glow-in-the-dark screenprint showcasing the different suits built by Tony - many of which come together to form his 'Iron Legion' in the latest movie. This poster was created by Toronto-based studio Phantom City Creative, and creative director Justin Erickson explained the ideas behind the design:

"To me, Tony Stark's real superpower is his intelligence and ingenuity. With the Iron Man 3 armory poster, I wanted to showcase that by featuring a schematic chart of all the Iron Man suits with Stark himself front and center."

If you'd like to own one of these posters then you'll need to act fast when they go on sale this Friday; the first is limited to 450 pieces at $50 each, the second to 200 pieces at $75 each and the final poster is limited to 250 pieces at $45 each. Follow @MondoNews on Twitter to keep an eye out for the announcement of opening sales.

Ansin's first poster is arguably the most desirable of the bunch, evoking the film's comic book origins and showcasing the central cast members, both old and new, though one criticism that could be made is that the film's title is a little bit lost amidst the overall design. Having said that, you probably need to witness Phantom City Creative's poster in its full glow-in-the-dark action in order to properly appreciate it.

Let us know which of these posters is your favorite - and whether you're planning to bid for one of them when they go on sale - in the comments.


Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.

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