Comic-Con 2012: Marvel Studios 'Iron Man 3' Panel

Iron Man 3 at Comic-Con 2012

After stealing Comic-Con 2010 with a panel for Thor and Captain America where the entire cast of The Avengers was later confirmed and presented on stage together, there was no panel to be found in 2011. Marvel is back in full force for Comic-Con 2012 with Iron Man 3 continuing the Hall H tradition set by previous director Jon Favreau.

Marvel President Kevin Feige and special guests (expect new director Shane Black [SB], Robert Downey Jr. [RDJ] and other cast members) will be on stage to likely premiere first-look footage of Iron Man 3, while also making some announcements about "Phase 2" of the franchise.

Will Edgar Wright's Ant-Man test footage be showcased? Will it and Guardians of the Galaxy finally get release dates? Will we find out if Black Panther is on his way?

If you're attending the convention, you can check out the panel yourself at 6:00 PM Pacific Time in Hall H on Saturday, July 14th. If not, keep it parked right here and for the latest Marvel Studios movie news, brought to you LIVE by Screen Rant.

6:15PM:The panel began with an epic video, highlighting Marvel Studios panels dating back to 2006, with key announcements, clips and forward-thinking statements from key Marvel players (mainly Marvel president Kevin Feige) and Edgar Wright was there from the very beginning. The video ended by saying “and now, phase two begins” to a roaring audience which was then followed up by the panel stating they’d talk about the four films they’re working on.

These were Iron Man 3 - the focus of this panel – followed by Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Each got a date and had their own official logo shown on the screen.

6:16PM:Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed for Aug 1 2014 (with Rocket Raccoon) – They confirmed the five main characters and promised more in the coming months.

6:17PM:Kevin Feige is the only one on the stage and now he’s being asked by Geoff Boucher (the moderator) about Ant-Man…. Edgar Wright is no on stage…

6:18PM:Edgar Wright is on stage, joked about tweeting he was still in London. Feige and Boucher said they have four films to announce, with Guardians being the fourth…

Boucher: “So Ant-Man… what’s going on?”

6:18PM:Edgar Wright: “I did shoot a test, this is true.”

He’s saying it’s completely unfinished. “You guys wouldn’t want to see the unfinished test, would you?” Fans go nuts!

6:19PM:They’re playing it!

6:24PM:The Ant-Man test footage was around 30 seconds and showed him in his full costume – no actor face was shown. He starts off in a vent looking down a corridor with two armed guards and then jumps out changing size to full-size human and shrinks again to jump up and punch out one, going full-size again, shrinking again, jumping over the second guard, grabbing his tie, enlarging and tossing him through a glass window.

It finishes with him getting in an elevator with a little humor.

6:30PM:Wright: “Ant-Man will kick you ass one inch at a time.”

Wright says there’s nothing on casting, and jokes that he’s been here all day, putting a name tag on the table.

Wright left stage, and now a HUGE entrance by RDJ from the back of Hall H, with a spotlight, dancing to some theme music, being a showman. He’s got an Iron Man glove on his right hand that lights up.

7:41PM:—Back from break—

7:43PM:Now it’s time for Iron Man 3 footage!

First segment of footage began with RDJ testing out his Extremis armor (the new armor showcased on the show floor) and each piece flies and attaches to him one a time. It’s very problematic and some pieces hit him hard or won’t kickstart. Each piece has mini-jets and can fly on its own. The last pice is the mask and he does a stylish upside-down hover with one hand as the mask attaches and he flips over. That part was a little over-the-top but the scene is successful overall.

7:47PM:After that it’s a series of non-connected sequences, tonally quite a bit differant than IM1 & 2.

The first scene was very funny and it was Happy Hogun (Favreau) chatting via a tablet to Tony Stark. Hogun had quit working and joked about being mocked about being the “bodyguard of Iron Man” while joking about the attack on Manhattan (from The Avengers).

We see Stark’s house get destroyed and Iron Man falling through the water. We see the Patroiotic-colored armor, we see shots of all the characters, all with a voice over from The Mandarin explaining how there are no heroes and that he’s not a terrorist, but a teacher.

7:48PM:Kevin Feige and RDJ is joined by Don Cheadle, Shane Black and Jon Favreau.Shane Black says Favs is giving him good advice.

7:49PM:Oh, the end of the footage was a pan around of Ben Kingsley dressed up, 10 rings and all, as the MANDARIN! And he looked just the books, was putting on quite an interesting accent.

7:56PM:RDJ is asked about The Avengers, he says “Thank you Schwarama” and joked that they’re filming another post-credits scene for The Avengers after this panel. He’s referring to the infamous slip-up at The Avengers premiere where he wasn’t supposed to talk about the extra scene they were shooting since the cast was gathered.

8:04PM:RDJ is saying with The Avengers actually becoming a reality, the one man to thank is Kevin Feige.

8:13PM:Fan question about Gwyneth dressing up in her own Rescue Armor suit.

Feige: We all want to see Pepper Potts “kick a little ass” in her own suit.

Fans cheer.

8:14PM:RDJ is giving love to Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Says Jon saw that and used it as a screentest to convince Marvel. During shooting IM1, they’d call up Shane for advice anyway so he’s always sort of been a part of it.

8:17PM:Now the panelists are joking around with each other.

RDJ: Wife hates living with him while he’s playing Tony Stark.RDJ: “Happy Hogun is so off the chain… the things he says, it’s like Swingers at 40.”

Favreau says it’s because he’s not directing, gets to feel like a “proud grandfather” in an exec producer role.

8:18PM:Fan question about how long it takes for RDJ to get into his suit.RDJ says they keep making them better and better and asks Cheadle how long it takes him. He says 30 min, and RDJ happily says 3 minutes for him with a smile

Don: “Racism”(crowd laughs)RDJ: “His has got bigger guns.”(crowd laughs more)

8:23PM:Fan question about RDJ returning for IM4 or other Marvel movies.

RDJ responds saying his and Don’s contracts run out after Iron Man 3. RDJ: “…then we’ll figure out What Brinks truck we want to continue.” Crowd laughs.

RDJ then got serious and talked about how proud and excited he is to be a part of this series, then joked about how he always says his movies will be in the top-3 grossing of all-time and how The Avengers was the first time he was right.

8:24PM:Next fan at the Q&A mic is an Iron Man cosplayer who asks RDJ if he can borrow the IM suit.

RDJ says sure, asks him how long it takes him to get into suit. Cosplayer says five min, everyone laughs, Don gets up and leaves. RDJ gets the crowd to cheer for him saying “we need him” Don returns to his chair.

The two are great together, always making fun of each other. Very witty.

8:26PM:Next fan question is about the journey of the character from film to film and where Tony Stark goes in this one.

Director Shane says “to stay on top, we’ve always gotta touch bottom.”Shane: “working with Robert has been a f***ing dream…. he is Tony Stark.”RDJ: “So I’m an asshole”Don: “A rich asshole”(Crowd laughs)Don: “… lovable!”

8:27PM:Fan asks about Demon in a bottle. Shane says he doesn’t fall off the wagon in this one, then joked about about their budget being so limited so they had Tony Stark literally following out of a wagon at the end with limited CG effects.

8:28PM:Shane is now calling out Drew Pierce, the co-writer of Iron Man 3, as a critical piece of putting this film together.Panel teases him for being British.

8:29PM:For the next fan asking a question, RDJ is making all 6500 in Hall H sing Happy Birthday to “Elanna” who’s now 15 years old. I think this happened back at the Iron Man 2 panel.She now asks RDJ what color armor he’d choose, ignoring who it would offend. In a funny voice, RDJ says “Does mauve offend anyone?” and Don says he’d dig that.

8:31PM:Last fan question: Will we see Bruce Banner in IM3?Feige: “Well if you remember the end of The Avengers when Mark Ruffalo gets into Tony Stark’s car…”(crowd goes nuts)He follows up by saying he then drops him off around the corner and he shows up in later movies.(crowd laughs)

8:31PM:Favs is now giving advice to to Shane: “If you want the fans to love you, you have to show the footage twice.”(crowd applause)

8:32PM:Favs confused Russell Brand with Edgar Wright… somewhat awkward, but they laughed it off.

8:33PM:That’s it for the panel. Follow me on Twitter @rob_keyes and stay tuned for detailed updates on the Ant-Man footage, the Guardians of the Galaxy character confirmations and more!

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce's screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, Cobie Smulders, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 is currently shooting and is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013. Thor 2 comes later that fall and Captain America 2 the following spring.

Keep an eye on the Screen Rant Comic-Con 2012 page for all the convention news.


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