Potential 'Iron Man 3' Directors (Who May Actually Get The Job)

Iron Man 3 Director

Since it was announced that Jon Favreau is not directing Iron Man 3, you've probably seen a lot of lists popping up on sites tossing out this name or that name as a possible candidate to replace Favs. And while those lists are pretty nice in terms of their ambitious hopes, at the same time, a lot of them simply aren't realistic. (Sorry guys, but James Cameron isn't likely to bring his Avatar technology over to Marvel Studios for a play date.)

Today, (at the risk of much ridicule) I want to pitch a quick list of directors who I think might actually stand a chance at landing the job of directing Iron Man 3. Take a look and see if you agree:

Jon Favreau recently went on record to talk about why he left Iron Man 3. Although publicly Favs is taking the high road, leaving all bridges between him and Disney/Marvel intact, the rumor mill has been churning out reasons ranging from behind-the-scenes friction during the making of Iron Man 2, to Favs being put off by  the creatively limiting nature of Marvel's shared movie continuity universe. Favreau (it's being said) wasn't ready to simply go from being the unique and innovative guy behind such standout films as Swingers, Zathura, Elf, and the first Iron Man, to falling in line lock-step behind Disney/Marvel while they execute their master plan for a huge multi-movie cinematic franchise.

Jon Favreau on set with the Mark 1 Iron Man suit built by Legacy VFX company

To some degree it's an understandable situation: Marvel can't expect this shared movie universe to ever hold together if the directors involved rock the boat with such attitudes as wanting to take creative risks, or explore smaller, more isolated aspects of their respective characters (that's more a DC movie thing...).

In fact, when you think about the strict creative streamlining in conjunction with the desired financial gains, this Marvel movie universe may be the greatest marriage of Communism and Capitalism to date! (I kid, I kid Marvel and the politically-sensitive readers!)


Seriously though, Marvel is likely to be very strict and focused with their choice of a director to take over the Iron Man franchise. We know Marvel Studios already has a five-year movie plan in the works, and all the cogs in the machine need to keep turning smoothly for them to build their universe as planned. Their choice of a new director for Iron Man 3 will need to almost certainly be somebody who meets the following criteria:

  • Not too expensive - Someone moderately priced and properly experienced, but not so accomplished that they come with a purple-label price tag (forget James Cameron or Steven Spielberg).
  • Completely follow instructions - The new Iron Man 3 director has to be a compitent and able filmmaker, yes, but not someone so eccentric, independent-minded or powerful that they won't follow the blueprint Marvel is sketching for their movie universe.
  • Available in 2012 - Iron Man 3 hits theaters in May 2013 (presumably in 3D) so the director needs to have room in his/her 2012 schedule to take the job. Of course, there are a fair number of directors who would gladly drop whatever they are doing for a crack at Iron Man.

Once you understand the criteria, the list of fan-nominated directors who might actually get the Iron Man 3 job gets cut down drastically. What we're left with are names like those I'm about to pitch to you now: we've also included a few wildcard picks at the end, just for the heck of it.

NOTE: This is NOT our wish list of directors Iron Man 3 - it is simply a list of those directors we think could actually get the job.

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